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The Elder Scrolls Online

Celebrate Your Return To Tamriel With An Epic Trailer

Bethesda and Zenimax Online Studios have put the finishing touches on The Elder Scrolls Online (at least for now, this is an MMO, after all). The title is out for PC and Mac players right now, making it a perfect time to celebrate with a launch trailer.

This epic cinematic sets the stage for the Bethesda’s long-anticipated MMO. Yesterday, the publisher revealed that 5 million people signed up for the beta. We’re eager to find out how many of those convert to paying the monthly subscription. 

For those waiting for a PS4 or Xbox One version, set your eyes on June. For more, check out a recent preview.

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  • Just a warning: for anyone who is using their credit card/paypal to set up their subscription account, people have been reporting authorization charges in the form 14.99. Apparently it's refunded awhile later (20-30 minutes in some instances), but remember not to panic! Have fun in Tamriel for those who enjoy this game!
  • I've loved these lengthy CG trailers and I would love them even more if they belonged to full length feature film.
  • I'm interested to see the reception to this game.
  • I wish we could get a full length film with that quality of CG. As for TESO, I wish them luck. Maybe they can prove everyone wrong and put out a successful subscription MMO... and maybe I'm a Chinese jet pilot. Only time will tell.
  • Warning. The game is nothing like this.
  • Hmmm never heard about this in any of the lore books in Skyrim or Oblivion. I thought tamriel was nothing but vast jungles and foliage during this time period. But maybe I'm just looking to much into things Still I may check this game out.
  • Love the trailer, love the game, but that trailer really has NOTHING to do with game, other then some mild plot themes.
  • These trailers are so bad. I don't care how much time and effort went into making them, the art style is all wrong, and they completely miss the whole point of the series.
  • This look really good but I have the problem with having to pay month to month. Going to try and wait it out, maybe they will fix this and get ride of it. I am a console gamer too so here's hoping at launch they get ride of the month to month fee
  • Are more than six people going to do voices?
  • Someday...that will be what graphics look like

  • Alas I must wait til June to see the Imperial City in the distance again. I will remember the time I got to try the beta at a friends with very fond memories. Also, I'm guessing that white haired High Elf is Mannimarco The King of Worms.
  • Can't wait to give it a whirl.

  • She's way to OP. It takes away some of the fun of the trailer.
  • Why not just make a full movie with this. I hate these CG trailers, because they raise your expectations of the game, and then when you play the real game, you are disappointed.

  • I found the game to be ok when I played the beta, but it is not worth 60 bucks plus the monthly subscription.

  • Amazing quality. Beautiful CG that only reinforces my belief in more adult oriented, animated movies. The market is there.

  • That was an awesome trailer. People should stop complaining that these CG trailers aren't representative of the game because no one really expects them to be. That's what gameplay trailers are for.

    I'm hoping by the time I get my new-gen console they've cut the subscription fee or dropped it by then.

  • If the reviews support it in two months, I'll pick it up on the PS4. But if not, it'll be too bad since I was looking fôrward to some more Elder Scrolls.

  • I'm not sure how popular the game will end up but man can Zenimax make a cool series of trailers.

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