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The Elder Scrolls Online

Flexible Character Progression Makes The Leap To Online

Bethesda and Zenimax Online Studios have released a new video highlighting the mechanics of player progression in The Elder Scrolls Online. Just like in a solo Elder Scrolls adventure, the MMO version offers up a great deal of flexibility.

Players will choose a race and class to establish their character's basic template, but following any skill path allows you to mold your character however you want. Players gain an attribute and skill point with each level. Attribute points boost health, magicka, or stamina. Skill points can be used to learn a new skill or ability.

The more you use skills, the faster you'll gain access to new abilities in that skill line. As you use more abilities in that skill line, you'll be able to morph certain abilities into one of two new forms. You'll also learn ultimate abilities that are charged up rather than pulled from the magicka fuel.

New skill lines are hidden throughout the world. These can be unlocked by joining guilds or becoming a werewolf or vampire. The Elder Scrolls Online is coming in 2014 to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. We spent two hours playing the game at Gamescom this year, and you can read our journal to learn more.

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  • Really looking forward to this game, but I hope you don't have to pay the subscription fee if you just want to play the single player mode.
  • Sorry, no, that's nothing like the Elder Scroll's patented system. The point of the Elder Scroll's experience system was that using a skill leveled that skill and that skill alone, which made sense. If you want to get get at guitar you don't paint a bunch of portraits and then assign the aquired skill points to 'guitar skill'. Zenimax are attempting to push the idea that this is a game that will appeal to ES fans, which I'm sure it will, but only to those ES fans that enjoy MMOs. I personally, can find nothing appealing in MMORPGs and therefor nothing appealing in ESO. It's not an action-RPG and you gain generic XP, so this really is not a proper Elder Scrolls game, merely a spin-off. Frankly this seems like a cash in to me. Zenimax wanted to get into the online market but couldn't be bothered to establish a new IP so they just decided to cash in on one they already had. Bethesda are only named as a courtesy to the people who came up with the ideas that are being harvested. I suppose an additional element of using the ES license was attempting to lure in long-term ES fans, but I for one am not buying it. This is speaking as a huge fan of The Elder Scrolls btw, which I believe is all the more reason to ignore this spin-off. Let Zenimax know that if they want to break into the MMO market, they need to make their own IP and use that; because if the technology does not exist to make a proper Elder Scrolls MMO work, then they should not attempt it at all. If the technology exists and they simply can't get the game design right, then shame on them for taking the easy road and still trying to cash-in on the IP.
  • I'm pretty excited for this game. The beta has been fun so far!

  • The game does look super promising for an Elder Scrolls fan.  I am not a huge fan of paying a monthly fee simply due to the time restrictions I have on my gaming right now.  I will need to wait and see more of the final product before I make any decisions.

  • Can't wait for this game. But I think till this game go's free-to-play.

  • Can any of the beta testers tell me how the PvP is? I love TES, but I only play mmos for the pvp aspect.

  • I do not like Elder Scrolls games. I tried, too. But the stories are just so weak! The character development is non-existent too. Bah.

  • To heat the fuel on the sub or no sub discussion, here's a cool link to Reddit ESO subforum:

    http:        //www.reddit.com/r/elderscrollsonline/comments/18ezpp/reso_survey_results/

    Keep in mind though that it's almost a year old.