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The Elder Scrolls Online

Flexible Character Progression Makes The Leap To Online

Bethesda and Zenimax Online Studios have released a new video highlighting the mechanics of player progression in The Elder Scrolls Online. Just like in a solo Elder Scrolls adventure, the MMO version offers up a great deal of flexibility.

Players will choose a race and class to establish their character's basic template, but following any skill path allows you to mold your character however you want. Players gain an attribute and skill point with each level. Attribute points boost health, magicka, or stamina. Skill points can be used to learn a new skill or ability.

The more you use skills, the faster you'll gain access to new abilities in that skill line. As you use more abilities in that skill line, you'll be able to morph certain abilities into one of two new forms. You'll also learn ultimate abilities that are charged up rather than pulled from the magicka fuel.

New skill lines are hidden throughout the world. These can be unlocked by joining guilds or becoming a werewolf or vampire. The Elder Scrolls Online is coming in 2014 to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. We spent two hours playing the game at Gamescom this year, and you can read our journal to learn more.

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  • >Attribute points boost health, magicka, or stamina absolutely disgusting
  • I want to play this game but that subscription fee is what is holding me back. Maybe when I get a job I'll consider it.
  • I'm excited for this game but some PC gamers seem to be mad that the game will be released on consoles to. In their words it'll be "dumbed down" in order to be playable on consoles.
  • So basically the same dumbed down "attribute" system as Skyrim. Great. And I thought this game couldn't possibly get any less appealing.
  • That is actually extremely little flexibility compared to other Elder Scrolls games. Choosing a class locks you out of the skills for the other classes. It really isn't even much more flexibility than other MMOs
  • Cool beans, I love the Skyrim system, it's so flexible and intuitive. This game looks great, wish I could play, but sadly not an option at the time.

  • "We can't wait to see what you guys come up with." Haha, sounds like they already know that this system will be tough to balance.

  • I'd play if the game didn't have a $60 price point, $15 a month subscription, and microtransactions all at the same time. I don't understand why two of the three wasn't good enough.

  • From what I played on the BETA, I loved it. It feels more like an ES game than it does an MMO, which is great. Ofc, there were some necessary sacrifices but for what it's worth, it managed to bring the formula to work. Shame it's subscription based.
  • I hope that this game won't hold back it's lore just for the Skyrim fans, but what really sets TES aside from other fantasy games is it's outstanding lore, the lore that I didn't see enough in Skyrim, but hope to see LOTS of in ESO, if you can travel to every providence in Tamriel
  • hmm, Ultimate skill that are charged instead of taking magic? seems like a good evolution in the series.

  • "Be who you want to be." Sounds like I'll be making a Barbie girl.

  • From what little I played of the beta (it took me forever to download it) I had quite a bit of fun. Feels just like an Elder Scrolls game with MMO elements, which is pretty much the best case scenario for this.
  • Well, here's to the Elder Scrolls having hopefully fewer glitches than its console counterparts. . .
  • Not sure how to feel about this game after going through the travesty that was Skyrim (on the PS3). Hopefully they'll use the beta results to actually tone down some game breaking glitches. And bring back the Hand to Hand skill. Seriously, how could they get rid of that skill?
  • $15.
  • looks good but i wont touch it until its a free to play which they will probably do down the road

  • Pretty disappointed I haven't been invited to the beta yet after like a year.
  • Don't think of this as a TES game. If you do, you'll hate it. Think of it as a whole new MMO IP, and things get better. I played the beta and really enjoyed it, definitely gonna be playing more upon release.
  • Never got into online gams but I would love to try this one sadly they are going with paying each month to play a game that we pay full price to begin with -.- I will wait until it leaves that pay each month model.

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