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The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online's Detailed Character Creator In Action

The Elder Scrolls Online is an ambitious MMO, especially as the title will be coming to next-generation consoles alongside PC. The team at Zenimax Online Studios has spent a lot of time creating a detailed character creator. You can see the fruits of their labors below.

The character creator will give players the opportunity to tweak minute details and create a more customized avatar. Height, weight, tattoos, hairstyles, and adornments can all be shaped to the player's liking.

The Elder Scrolls Online is due out in spring 2014 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. For more on The Elder Scrolls Online, read a recent preview.

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  • Maybe this is the WOW-killer of legend the prophecy's about? I say ESO has a very good chance of doing it.

  • Super excited about this!! :D

  • Daggerfall Covenant all the way

  • It would be cool if someone did an info graphic about how each game stacked up in terms of customize-ability. I would like to think that all RPGs and MMOs would like to claim that they have deep customizing, but how do they compare?

  • If only GTA Online had such thought put into its character creator.

  • Save your money fellas. This game is a flop.

  • This looks amazing!!! I hope this is still coming out on the one and ps4

  • impressive.

  • I'm really proud to see this, many games (mainly RPGs) forget just how big of an impact being able to customize your character/gear can be. I hope more games take not of this large advancement, I'd love to see more games with RPG features (lots of free-roaming, gear/items you can customize, or an advanced leveling system to encourage you to keep playing even after beating the main storyline)