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The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online's Detailed Character Creator In Action

The Elder Scrolls Online is an ambitious MMO, especially as the title will be coming to next-generation consoles alongside PC. The team at Zenimax Online Studios has spent a lot of time creating a detailed character creator. You can see the fruits of their labors below.

The character creator will give players the opportunity to tweak minute details and create a more customized avatar. Height, weight, tattoos, hairstyles, and adornments can all be shaped to the player's liking.

The Elder Scrolls Online is due out in spring 2014 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. For more on The Elder Scrolls Online, read a recent preview.

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  • I'm usually stuck between two choices. Either create a character that I want to represent me, or create attractive female character that is fun to look upon as I journey.
  • I'm really stoked for this game, but will admit the mention of a $15 monthly fee on top of the rest of the expenses to play this game is disheartening.
  • Im about to boycott this game for STILL not being invited to the beta.I don't like hearing about games and having to wait 5 years till I can play. Don't announce your *** if your not releasing in 6 months. That's the way it should be. Now you make me not care about this game. Its already old somehow. Its old and it hasn't even released yet. Becuase you've been talking about it since 1964. Now I don't want your game cause its old. Get it? That's the effect announcing way early has. I dumnno im just getting sick of it. 1 year+ of destiny waiting? come on like *** me.
  • Can't wait till this goes F2P so I can play it.
  • I would be really interested in this game if they didn't want to rip me off with that ridiculous subscription fee.
  • to play within the first year.
  • 23 seconds in... is that the "Iceman" Chuck Liddell?
  • I loved Oblivion and loved Skyrim but I think I'll pass, I just never been into MMO's the only one I'm actually considering is Destiny.
  • If the content is robust, the main goal is not to do a gear grind at the end, and it sets itself apart from the multitude of competition I will definitely give this a shot. Too many games ask for a $15/mo subscription fee but don't give players the content nor the services that such a fee would suggest. It does look really good though!
  • Xbox one?!?!?!? I didn't know that. I thought is was only on PS4 and PC. I usually spend less than 10 mins. on these character creation things. Every customized character I make in a game looks the same; medium height black guy with short hair....I have no creativity lol.
  • Unless this game ditches the subscription model, I doubt I'll ever play it. However... This level of customization should be carried over into the next main TES title.
  • I always find it humorous that people go to great lengths to customize their facial appearances and then immediately enter the game and put a helmet on that completely covers up the face.

  • Mod
    It wouldn't be elder scrolls without dramatic customization. I'm happy to see how far they've advanced this feature. :)
  • Wow, Argonians look goooood.....
  • Okay so at best it has the same amount of customization options as the elder scrolls games. Um cool? I've really come to expect that from these titles.

  • The customization in the game looks really good.

  • whoa....i just got a chubby!!!!!!!!! im excited!

  • I tend to not play games I have to pay a subscription for. I did for WoW for several years but lately I haven't played any MMOs but GW2. This however is a game I would gladly sink money into.

  • the characters look good, but almost as though they are not from an Elder Scrolls game. for some reason, these character models just don't seem to give me the classic ES vibe i am used to :/ and the Argonians / Khajiits have lost a majority of their uniqueness for me. as funny as it looked in Morrowind, i still prefer to see them troddling around with those goofy looking legs as opposed to looking like a green Imperial with a lizard's head. however, i still aplaud Bethesda for living up to their name as providing the best character-driven experience i have yet to play
  • It'd be really, really, really, really, really nice if they'd start letting more than 5 people in on the beta at a time, y'know, so we can actually experience some of the crap they keep telling us is so great. Can they honestly even call it a beta test when they barely let anyone in?
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