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Elder Scrolls Online Faction Profile: Aldmeri Dominion

During the second era, in a time before any previous Elder Scrolls game, the world of Tamriel descended into a four-way war. In an attempt to conquer the continent, the Imperials – natives to the province of Cyrodiil – made a deal with the Daedric prince Molag Bal. At the beginning of Elder Scrolls Online, players join one of three factions that not only oppose the Imperials and Molag Bal’s undead army, but will also battle one another for the imperial throne. Elder Scrolls Online features three different alliances. Three different philosophies. Three different ways to approach the game. Which will you choose? Today we take a deeper look at the Aldmeri Dominion, represented by the Eagle on the ouroboros.

Zenimax Online’s Take:
“The name says it all. The Aldmeri Dominion wants to dominate the world. They plan on taking over the world. Submit or die,” explains game director Matt Firor. “The Aldmeri Dominion is like, ‘we’re going to kill everyone that isn’t us. You people are going to help us or else.’”


Valenwood is located in the southwestern region of the Tamriel. Home to the Wood Elves, Valenwood is covered by wide swaths of uninhabited forest. Swamplands and tropical rain forests dominate Valenwood’s coasts, but the nation’s most unique features are a few of its cities which are housed in giant, migratory trees. Valenwood’s capitol Falinesti, actually used to migrate south in the winter, but the tree containing the city has recently stopped walking.

Summerset Isles are a group of islands located southwest of Tamriel. Not much is known about the geography of the Summerset Isles, since it hasn’t been featured in many Elder Scrolls titles, but it is largely inhabited by the Altmer (High Elves.)

Situated on the southern end of Tamriel, Elsweyr is homeland to the various breeds of the cat-like Khajiit. Fertile jungles and rainforests occupy the region's southern end, but much of the rest of the nation is covered in dry plains and harsh badlands. In the south, upper class plantation owners grow the hallucinogenic plant Moon Sugar, which is often processed into the narcotic Skooma.

The Altmer are a race of High Elf that inhabit the Summerset Isles. Slender with a pale golden hue, the Altmer are among the tallest of all races. They are not as physically capable as humans, and their height makes them less agile, but they are possibly the most intelligent and magically proficient species on Tamriel. Their magical skill also makes them susceptible to magical attacks. However, they are highly resistant to disease.



The Bosmer are also known as the Wood Elves, and as that name implies, they are a people of the forest. Unlike their cousins, the Altmer, these elves prefer a simple lifestyle living in harmony with nature and exploring the beauty of the land. Both agile and quick, the Bosmer are excellent thieves and archers.




Khajiit are a cat-like race known for their natural agility and stealth. This race is not very adept at manipulating magical forces, but their agility and keen intelligence make them fierce warriors. Mobile bands of Khajiit often travel across Tamriel selling wares or distributing skooma. Oddly enough, Khajiit often refer to themselves in the third person.



If you missed it, check out our profile on the Daggerfall Covenant, and come back Friday when we take a look at the uneasy alliance of the Ebonheart Pact. Check out our Elder Scrolls Online Hub for even more ESO related content.

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  • I'm excited to see the Sumerset Isles, that should be awesome.

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  • no Nords?

  • Nords will be with the Dunmer and Argonians in the Ebonheart Pact. GameInformer will probably release more info on them today or tomorrow.

  • Anyone know the other two factions?

  • As a big fan of SKYRIM (and the other elder scrolls) i really hope there are NORDS they are the best race (in my opinion) and the obvious choice for the dovahkiin (dragonborn)
  • Lol Read my comment; there are 3 factions and they have already announced two. The third will be the Ebonheart Pact consisting of Nords, Dunmers and Argonians.

  • Khajiit = Bob Marley


  • I want to check out Valenwood. Moving cities on top of trees? Sounds really awesome!

  • Wood Elves FTW!!!!

  • Sounds pretty awesome.

  • Maybe I don't know enough about the lore since I've only played Oblivion and Skyrim, but I'm a little surprised the Khajiit get along with Altmer.  Seems like damn near everyone hate the Altmer.

  • What kind of guild support systems will there be? And what kind of reward system will be offered for taking part in the greater pvp endgame? I get the idea of a central province shaping up for PVPVE and I did hear mention of keeps to be fought over. But will there be progression for guilds apart from gear reward systems targeted at the individual.

  • Looks cool. Sorta like the Horde faction in World of Warcraft. All of the beast like races.

  • i think wood elves r great and they are my fav race but i hate the aldmeri dominion anyway is this game 1st person cuz i hate 3rd person games like WoW

  • The Marauders (Aldermi Dominion guild) moderate guild for PvP and PvE is recruiting!!!

    Let me throw a few facts at you here:

    1. Out of all of the prospective guilds for Elder Scrolls Online, The Marauders is the least likely to give you scabies.

    2. The Marauders are the only ones who bring to the table brand new proud old traditions such as honor, shenanigans, a kick-ass theme song, sleep depravation, Taco Tuesdays, and winning at everything (including things that are unscored).

    3. Those other guilds are planning on feeding you roofies and selling your kidneys on the black market. Seriously, you'll be lucky if you wake up in a tub of ice. If The Marauders sell your kidneys, we GUARANTY you'll wake up in a tub of ice.

    4. By joining the Marauders, your life will automatically get 48% better. Women will want you and men will want to be you. Or vise versa, if that's how you swing. The Marauders don't judge.

    This is the part where we tell you how laid back, helpful and friendly we are. We are, but that's sort of boring and trite, so we're skipping that. Just join the damn guild already.