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The Elder Scrolls Online

Teaser Trailer Unveiled

Bethesda Softworks has released the first trailer teasing the upcoming MMORPG based on the Elder Scrolls franchise.

Watch the video below to catch your first glimpse of what The Elder Scrolls Online is all about, or check out our June cover reveal for a few tidbits about the game and our upcoming issue.

Despite the fact that your brain is full to bursting with everything there is to know about the game, make sure to check out the first screenshot of the game itself, and click the banner to visit the hub for an entire month of exclusive content from video interviews to expanded details that didn't find a home in our June cover story.

  • Pretty weak trailer, even for a teaser.

  • never played a MMO, but it being Elder Scrolls and available for mac makes me say yes:)

  • I've beem wanting this for a log time but just looking at the screenshots it looks like they are changiing the engen of the online game. It looks like DDO, not that that would be a bad thing but I realy wanted somthing more in the lines of Skyrim or Oblivion but multiplayer. Hears hopeing the MMO convertion does not mess up elder scrolls.

  • The main thing I notice is they mentioned the Dragon Fires I wonder if were gonna have to face Merunes Dagon again.

  • meh. never was a fan of elderscrolls.

  • I swear that's Michael Gambon doing the narrative...

  • hardly ever played a MMO, nonetheless it getting Elder Scrolls and accessible for mac helps make me say without a doubt:)

  • I'm gonna just read the reviews first.  Something tells me this is either gonna be really good, or really awful.

  • yea if i ever get a gameing pc its going to be diablo 3.

  • While this could end up being great, I just can't help but feel that this will be like The Old Republic.  I loved KOTOR, but instead of getting a sequel, we got an MMO.  I LOVE the Elder Scrolls games, but I fear for their future with the announcement of this MMO.

    That said, I'll wait until we know more before passing any judgments.

  • Current MMO's are completely opposed to everything that makes Elder Scrolls great.  In ES games everything you do has a permanent impact on the world, no respawn/reset like mmo's.  ES games encourage you to build a super character, but mmo's will nerf you to maintain balance.

  • Everyone, stop criticizing this game so soon. All we know is thats its Online all the provinces are explorable and Molag Bal is in it. Sure I'm as suspicious as the next guy about this game once I saw that screenshot, but give Bethesda time, the game could change, it could become first person again and it could become without a hotbar. And even if they don't we can always go the Mass Effect 3 ending route... PETITION! PETITION! PETITION!!!

    @The Black Arrow It dosen't have to be Mehrunes Dagon coming through, unlit dragonfires lead to Oblivion in general not just Mehrunes Dagon's place in Oblivion which I forgot what was called... (XD) Thats probably why Molag Bal is in it.
  • How does this teaser trailor tell anyone what the game is like. Its shows nothing at all but a title.
  • this should be a dlc

  • ok guys, its called a TEASER trailer for a reason. but regardless im at least excited to see the finished game, check it out. if i like it, i'll keep playing and vice versa. yes, it really can be that simple..