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The Elder Scrolls Online

Teaser Trailer Unveiled

Bethesda Softworks has released the first trailer teasing the upcoming MMORPG based on the Elder Scrolls franchise.

Watch the video below to catch your first glimpse of what The Elder Scrolls Online is all about, or check out our June cover reveal for a few tidbits about the game and our upcoming issue.

Despite the fact that your brain is full to bursting with everything there is to know about the game, make sure to check out the first screenshot of the game itself, and click the banner to visit the hub for an entire month of exclusive content from video interviews to expanded details that didn't find a home in our June cover story.

  • Seriously, why is everyone so negative? Just give it time and at least wait for more information about the game. We barely know anything.
  • Most Annoyed/Pessimistic People Award goes to... 2012 Gamers! congrats guys you did it!

  • Not really interested. Would have preferred an Elder Scrolls game with 4-6 player co-op that plays like Skyrim, not WoW.

  • From what I've heard its going to be another crappy WoW MMO, just like the other bazillion similar MMOs out there.  I'm pissed, I though this franchise could be the one to change this lame formula.  F*** you Bethesda!

  • Anyone know if there are any hints about this game in Skyrim? Like a chronicle or something that refers to the time period of the upcoming MMO.
  • EA and Bioware acted like we should care so much about SWTOR and look at how much fun that is. About as fun as WoW because they are way too similar...so why get excited for this?
  • I find it funny how people don't really pay attention to how MMO's are lately. WoW was made in the mid 90's, there's been significant change in overall MMO construct since then. There's a lot of WoW clones still out there today, but that's because they don't have the creativity and ambition to do something different. The Elder Scrolls series should have more than enough room to be creative and they understand that people don't want another clone. TL;DR - Don't post comments about how much you hate that TES is becoming an MMO when YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE GAME.
  • Elder Scrolls games always have the best trailers :D

  • After looking at

    Hmm... I was hoping for a game like Skyrim, but with multiple players. Now I'm not too sure it's gonna be like that.

    I'm not a fan of the pseudo action/turnbased, combat style that most MMOs tend to use. I'll be excited about this game if I find out it's real-time combat, like Skyrim.
  • Spoiler alert, kids...it's not gonna work properly at all.

  • Oh hey there Dumbledore.

  • So let's break this trailer down, shall we? As you can see, if you pause it at the :28 mark, you'll see that the background is BLACK. Now, if you know your ES lore, you'll remember black is the same exact color of the night sky in the previous games. Night sky... night sky... where have we all seen THAT before? I will tell you! Ocarina of Time! Yes, that's right. Hyrule will be one of the three factions in the game. Move ahead to the :51 mark and you'll see pieces of random metal (presumably?) moving past other pieces of the same material. This phenomenon also occurs in the Resident Evil series. I'm not saying any RE characters or places will be in TES:O but I am saying pistols and shotguns will be usable weapons in the game AND there'll be red and green herbs to mix to be used as health/mana potions. Also, one can deduce TES:O will utilize an in-game type-writer centric save feature and may even hint at a possible class, the Master of Unlocking.
  • I second "schmidtyfro"- I have no beef with MMOs (except for the fact that I'm a console gamer and they arent exactly marketed to me) but I think schmidtyfro is right in a serious co-op experience, 4-6 players twould be most excellent and keep things focused. It wouldnt be a major task to build off of what already exists and we would all be spared the "lobbies".

  • I've spent weeks trying to justify buying a new desktop. I consider this a great reason. Very excited to learn more about this game.

  • For everyone saying we dont know anything about the game..... well the gameinformer articles were leaked and from what it sounds like its going to be a WOW clone. No first person, no real time combat, just WOW with an Elder scrolls skin. the graphics look more like dragon age that TES (I love DA:O but its just not Elder scrolls). Srry if im bumming u guys out but its the truth.

  • That voice work was terrible. But that is to be expected from an Elder Scrolls game I suppose.
  • childofskyrim is right i was being optimistic until i read the information released in the leaks and saw the pictures. google it your self. you cant be a werewolf or vampire its 3rd person and looks cartonish. it is more of a new ip than it is elderscrolls. very sad. i hope this doesnt hurt bethesda.

  • an MMO for Elder Scrolls will be huge success looking forward to it...

  • Great teaser!

  • This game has caused me to have a full on Nerdgasm for the past 2 days.