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The Elder Scrolls Online

Teaser Trailer Unveiled

Bethesda Softworks has released the first trailer teasing the upcoming MMORPG based on the Elder Scrolls franchise.

Watch the video below to catch your first glimpse of what The Elder Scrolls Online is all about, or check out our June cover reveal for a few tidbits about the game and our upcoming issue.

Despite the fact that your brain is full to bursting with everything there is to know about the game, make sure to check out the first screenshot of the game itself, and click the banner to visit the hub for an entire month of exclusive content from video interviews to expanded details that didn't find a home in our June cover story.

  • I am so dissapointed.. Another MMO in the footsteps of WoW. They completely piss on everything that is TES, and to top it off, use the same horrible engine as TOR.
  • After reading the info dump at NeoGAF, man, this is just another generic MMO. Moving on.

  • It's an MMO, so no thanks.

  • I'd be really interested in this, but that trailer said nothing

  • The logo looks like a dragon version or the human centipede.  


  • The logo looks like a dragon version of the human centipede.  


  • I absolutely love The Elder Scrolls series since I played Morrowind on original Xbox, but I'm not sure how I feel about this game. The thing I love most about TES is exploring the world, finding caves and hideouts in the wilderness and taking all the loot for myself. This would be great with a partner, but I doubt I would like it if I was online, about to enter an unexplored cave, and some guy walks out and said "Killed all the trolls lol."

    I guess I'll be waiting for more concrete details.

  • The lion, bird of prey, and dragon, trying to consume one another intrigues me, it puts me in mind of the Akiviri, I have to wonder if they are involved in this at all...

  • That was a waste of 1:10 that I'll never get back. It doesn't even really hint at game mechanics. For example, if my character takes an arrow to the knee, am I forced to carry out ineffectual guard duty for the rest of the game? These are questions I want answered.
  • its gona be great but i think it would be better if it was just made coop.

  • As much as I love the Elder Scrolls I have made it my personal goal to never play another online game since WoW took years of my life away.

  • Again Bethesda pulls out all the stops when it comes to hiring vocal talent. I could have sworn the voice in that video is Michael Gambob. Good choice Bethesda.

  • I read the article on this in gameinformer and sound like WoW slap with elder scroll name on it.

  • Teaser indeed. C'mon, we want more. I'm looking forward to seeing game play shots.

  • This is like the Skyrim trailer, it tells you more of what to expect than it shows. I hope that this game can live up to the legacy that the previous games have created.
  • For how interested I am in the topic, I sure felt "meh" after it was over.

  • i wish i had a computer to play MMO's -_____-

  • This game will most likely be crap. Just think about it, how many bugs did Skyrim/Oblivion and all the other TES games had? A LOT.
    Just because it's elder scrolls doesn't mean it will be a good MMO game. Keep it single player only. Best that way.

    This teaser didn't show us a damn thing, show me some gameplay next time.
  • I am really hoping this game rocks. I put a lot of time into the single player versions but now I can do it with friends.

  • Way to ruin the franchise. JUST WHAT WE NEED, another MMO in a market bogged down with hundreds of the same recycled crap.. You think after this is released they'll bring out another RPG? NO. When was the last time you heard about Warcraft 4? .. if this flops, which it probably will, say goodbye to The Elder Scrolls. Honestly, with Guild War 2, SWTOR, MoP and Blizzard's 'Titan' project coming out, how is this going to compeat to become the best MMO? It'll be lost to the wind..

    ..Bitter-sweet really, now that Bethesda will focus more on bringing out more Fallout content
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