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The Division

Ubisoft Teases The Division's E3 Presence

The Division may not be releasing until 2015, but that doesn't mean it's skipping E3.

Today Massive Entertainment teased the game's appearance at the Ubisoft press conference with a short teaser. It may not give us much of a glimpse of the game in action, but at least it's another quick look at Massive's Snowdrop engine. What do you think?

Look for more coverage on The Division next week when we sit down with the game. In addition, Ubisoft is hosting a live Q&A on June 10 at 8pm PDT exclusively at twitch.tv/ubisoft

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  • This game needs to be in my life. Can't wait.
  • After Watchdogs, I'm skeptical, but, wow... If that's actually part of the playable map...
  • Ubisoft cannot be trusted.
  • All of this is excellent but what will impress me as well as others even more will be to have outstanding servers to support such a incredible game.

  • I have no friends so I don't think I will enjoy this game.
  • I wish throwing my money at the screen would actually work and let me play this game.

  • dang, this thing is going to be sweet

  • Is this going to impress everyone at E3 then come out and have sh*tty graphics and tons of bugs just like Watch_Dogs? "Next gen" my ass.
  • It's going to come out over a year from now. I won't care until then.
  • UPlay, LOLOLOL.

  • Yeah, I'm cautious about this game.

  • I would get this game if it had a good single player since my internet sucks.
  • Hmm, they went from having to push it back because they claimed they did not yet have a working game . To being ready to show it at E3 in a couple of days ? Huh, go figure .

  • Looking forward to this game. I'm surprised it was delayed since it looked very polished when the multiplayer was demonstrated a while back. BTW this is the worst teaser I've seen., garbage, I'll never get that time back.

  • I'm cautiously optimistic about this one. Cautious because it just looks too good to be true. Optimistic because of the delay which tells me they wanna get it right and meet the expectations with an amazing game.

  • As a New Yorker the theme of this game is scary to think about. But that ironically makes me all the more excited for this game ^^

  • Awful teaser, can't wait for it at E3 though!!

  • I really hope this game can live up to the hype