My love for The Darkness series all started when I played the demo for The Darkness II. Its story seemed very interesting and the gameplay was so new to me that I craved more. I actually craved it so much that I unfortunately spent about an hour making phone calls in order to find the original before I bought its sequel. It was great (though I didn’t review it) but was the Darkness II better in comparison? Embrace the Darkness and proceed with this review to find out.

As for the good things about The Darkness II; this game has an amazing, dark, disturbing and twisted story that actually stays on track throughout the entire game. For those who haven’t played The Darkness (one), after you choose what difficulty you wish to play on, you can choose whether or not you want a summary of what happened before the events of The Darkness II. I'd highly recommend watching it even if you've already played before. The game is actually based off of a comic book series, which shows from its 3D comic-like visuals.

With a game as dark and twisted as this, things can get a bit too serious and rather depressing quickly. However, The Darkness 2 offers quite a few humorous moments within the game that give the player a feeling of relief and balance. Between the intense gore, emotional losses, and problematic life that protagonist Jackie Estacado has to endure, a good laugh every now and then is always welcome.

The gameplay (as I’ve mentioned earlier) is quite new and different compared to most games that I’ve played, especially in the first-person genre. Throughout the majority of the game, you are given 2 blood thirsty companions known as demon arms that are each given specific tasks. The left demon arm is given the abilities to grab, throw, and eat hearts (which restores health) while the one on the right slashes, gashes, and tears things apart. In addition to being able to take control of both demon arms, you also have your firearms which can mostly be dual-wielded. The two of these things (firearms and demon arms) together bring a new and quite stunning feature to the gaming industry called Quad-Wielding. If skilled enough, you will be able to tear through enemies using all 4 at once.

Points are rewarded to you for getting different kinds of kills and interacting with the environment, which makes diversity and changing up strategies a high recommendation to all players. These points allow you to purchase new/upgrade already purchased abilities through a system that is pretty easy to follow considering all of the options to choose from. Upgrading doesn’t just make the game slightly easier down the road, but it gives you new and gorier executions as well. The executions in this game are extremely entertaining and don’t ever seem to get old to me.

A lot of small things that the majority of people wouldn't notice are done quite well in this game, such as: being able to see yourself in mirrors, the ability to interact with objects that don't help you or the story in any way, and the way characters communicate with each other in combat or while standing around. You also don't just play as Estacado in the story. When you are playing as the other character, it may not be for long, but it's just as entertaining.

One of my favorite things about the majority of single-player games becoming multi-player through a sequel is seeing how good or bad the multiplayer is. With that being said, The Darkness II delivers an amazing multi-player experience known as Vendetta, which isn’t even the typical competitive type (thank goodness). Instead, The Darkness 2’s multi-player has its very own campaign that takes place during the events of Jackie's story. This mode can be played either alone offline, or with 3 other people online.

This multiplayer mode plays just like the Campaign. Kill enemies, rack up points to buy new abilities, and take down a boss. The missions may not be as long, but you interact with characters that are in Jackie’s campaign that possess darkness abilities. Though you aren't given demon arms in the co-op, there are 4 characters that can be chosen in the very beginning and each have their own unique darkness powers.

As for the bad things about The Darkness II, I don’t have any complaints about the game besides the fact that you can’t put away your darkness arms, which actually makes things pretty complicated. Just about any source of light will cause you to go blind when you have the demon arms out. Not only is this annoying, but it brings the player a huge disadvantage later in the game when enemies begin to spam you with flash-grenades, headlights, and powerful flashlights that can’t be blocked with a shield and are hard to shoot out due to Jackie becoming blinded. The campaign also could have been longer, even though the multi-player felt like an expansion to the story.

Overall, The Darkness 2 is an amazing game that is definitely worth a buy even if you haven’t played the original yet. In my opinion, I actually enjoyed it much more than the original anyway. 8.5 out of 10.

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*Review based on PS3 version*