i have no idea what the actual  beginning of darkness 2 starts out so  im going to discribe what i experienced from the demo and what  hopeing the leads off waking in the underworld agian. It would been real nice thats just the way i felt but hey thats just my thought. was immpressed bye the demo then again alttle scared the game have a fast ending cause how easy it was to upgrade jackies darkness ablitlies also hopeing the makers of the game dont make to many sqeuals just worrie about the decation of makeing a good and sick ending just like the last darkness game. Just never thought this story was ment for a happy ending seeing how the games called darkness. to bad i wont be buying the game right away had to many shooter games as it is and to focused on other intenions i had planed for my future but once im ready relaxed enough ill eventuly  pick up a copy darkness 2.