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  • Blog Post: Cursed Crusade Review: What A Horrible Night To Have A Crusade

    Denz de Bayle and Esteban Noviembre are unlikely companions in an unlikely setting. Beginning in 1202 A.D. in Europe, The Cursed Crusade spans several years and many countries to tell a cinematic tale of two honorable knights fighting for their freedom from an ancient curse. The locales and core concept... More
  • Blog Post: Atlus Pulls Back The Veil

    A brand new trailer shows off the unusual storyline of the upcoming action game, now set for release on October 25th. We've only had a few opportunities to check out The Cursed Crusade since its announcement, but the game has an interesting premise that we hope turns out to be distinct from the many... More
  • Blog Post: New Cursed Crusade Trailer Is Dramatic And Action-Packed

    Atlus' upcoming co-op action-adventure title borrows heavily from the Assassin's Creed series, but after watching this trailer I'm pretty confident this game can stand on its own. This new trailer is packed with fast-paced combat, capable voice acting, and frenetic combat. Check it out for... More
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