This game just flat out sucks. I bought The Cursed Crusade thinking that it could be a hidden gem in the crowded Fall 2011 release calendar, but no. The game's story and setup seemed interesting at first, and I liked that the developer tried to implement real world locations into the game, but the characters are all awful. The main character barely has any personality and his friend tries to make up for it by being a loud mouth joker, but ultimately, I didn't care an ounce for these idiots. The writing can be downright dumb, and a lot of the time I found myself questioning why things were happening the way they were. The combat felt fun at first, but weapons break after just a few hits, and I didn't appreciate always fighting the same generic soldier three hundred times. The game becomes unfair in combat scenarios, sometimes throwing an obscene amount of soldiers at you at once, and since defensive moves are useless, you better get ready to soak up lots of damage. The graphics look nice from a distance, but they become very old, very quickly. You'll get bugs and glitches every few minutes that often make the game even less enjoyable an experience than it already is, and I couldn't even tell what was happening at times. Stay away from this game, it's awful and by the time you're done with it, you'll wish that you could go back in time and stop the developers from making it, because it really is one of the worst games on the market right now.