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Multiplayer Madness

The Conduit

Multiplayer Madness

The Conduit has a very well made multiplayer, you just need to master it. Now here are 4 steps that can help you in free for all:

1. Your map is needed! Use it wisely as it tells you where others are, but they know where you are to.

2. Use your envirement, use walls for cover and don't be afraid to jump once or twice.

3. Use variety, use different weapons.

4. Grenades are useful far away, upclose, not so much,

Team modes are very much the same rules except for:

1. Team Tactics are NEEDED, plan attacks.

2. Follow your objective

3. Make a certain person an item carrier, and make others guards to look around corners

4. If possible stay in contact with other players it's much better than charging head on into an ambush

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  • Excellent. These rules should be published for ALL shooters as they are, aside from common sense, essential to survive especially in team oriented modes.

  • good tips jumping is more useful than i thought

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