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Sega Announces It's Publishing Double Fine's The Cave

Longtime adventure-game fans no doubt recognize Ron Gilbert. The veteran designer was behind genre touchstones including Maniac Mansion and The Secret of Monkey Island. In his latest game, The Cave, seven unique characters have to explore a vast underground world. Sega just announced that it's publishing the downloadable game, which is being developed by Double Fine, and they've released the first trailer showing it in action.

Take a look at the clip to see characters including a monk, knight, hillbilly, scientist, and more flip switches, solve puzzles, and battle monsters. Players will be able to swap between each character at will (after choosing three from the seven), which is critical considering each of them has a unique ability. The hillbilly is able to hold his breath indefinitely, which makes him a great candidate for underwater exploration, while the knight can heroically protect his teammates from harm. Characters are able to unlock specific areas unique to themselves, which certainly makes it seem as though there's a nice amount of replay value, too.

The Cave is due out on the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, and various PC download sites in 2013.

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  • This looks like it will be pretty fun, time will tell how much though

  • will there be any kind of multi-player feature?
  • Question is, will there be some sort of multiplayer aspect so I can adventure with my buddies.

    Edit: Ninja'd by Harold.
  • This looks promising.

  • I'm one of the backers, and I'm not happy with it. The pitch was for oldschool adventure game and not limbo style platformer :/
  • Mod

    eh hillbillys teaming up with people from the future. oh god what have we done.

  • Looks VERY reminiscent of that Vikings game from the 90's. Lost Vikings, I think?
  • will any one get this?

  • It looks boring and not very deep in gameplay,I will not spend a dime on this game.
  • Seems very promising. I like it.

  • This looks amazing. I hate it when you see a trailer for a game that's almost a year away.

  • this looks like it could be fun for sure.

  • hmm... this looks quite good! i wonder if it will have unlockable areas like DK Country 64 had... THAT would be cool!!!

  • It looks fun. The co-op sort of reminds me of LBP.

  • Lol at Double Fine when they say they're making an Adventure Game when what we receive is a platformer ( Trine , Limbo ) . It looks A LOT like Trine . Like too much like it . Ron Gilbert said he wanted to make this game for a long time and now I'm only dissapointed. There goes 3 mil dollars or half of it developing an utomost generic game concept.
  • Every time I read a headline of someone making an IP, whether film, TV, or a videogame, I think "Awesome. Someone is finally making Plato's classic philosophical question into a movie or game." haha. This really was the first thought going through my head. However, the actual game from the impeccable Double Fine, looks fantastic. I am never disappointed.
  • The only smart thing SEGA has done since 9/9/99.

  • Could be fun with all the different ways to play through a level and solve puzzles. That being said, it seems like a standard platformer. The music was awesome.

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