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  • Blog Post: Rewriting History

    Like its secret agents, The Bureau has gone through a number of identities over many years of development before settling into its current form. All that change has resulted in a game full of interesting ideas – but not all of them are successfully implemented. This prequel to the XCOM story promises... More
  • Blog Post: XCOM: BioShock 2 Developer Looks To Reinvigorate Classic PC Franchise

    Talk to any X-COM fan and they'll probably tell you that the franchise should have ended in 1997. After a trilogy of stellar turn-based strategy games, the only two follow-ups to the series were an underwhelming space combat sim and a mindless first-person shooter. Now after nearly a decade-long... More
  • Blog Post: A Look At New Gameplay Features In Franchise Reboot

    It is 1950's idyllic America. An era of innocence. There are cookie cutter neighborhoods, white picket fences, 2.5 kids per family, lemonade stands, and a sincere trust of government. Though all is seemingly perfect, something is about to go terribly wrong. Back in April, 2K Games announced 2K Marin's... More
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