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very disappointed

I was very excited so much so I preordered it and steam gave me great perks because I did. Now if I had a time machine I would go back and slap the credit card out of my hand. The first xcom I played was enemy unknown and I fell in love it was almost relaxing it was finally a game where having the fastest reflexes doesn't matter I could just sit back and plan my strategy. Now its just a third person shooter and now I have to make plans as the games continues. The only thing that I am happy about is since I preordered i got all of the xcom games. Still it doesn't deserve a 0 no game does unless it wont even start. I'm sure some will like this game but its just not what i had pictured in my mind. 

  • so your complain is it too fast for you, to plan?
  • See, I don't understand why people pre-order games. You hear this time and again: a game fails to deliver, and the people who pre-ordered are upset. So why do it? You don't know how good a game is until it comes out. A good editor can slap together an awesome-looking promo from the worst games ever made. Is some statue, or in-game item really worth that amount of money?
  • Why not just pre-order anyway, wait until the reviews come in and decide from there? No one forces you to pick your game up right away. It's just patience and careful planning...

  • It seems like you were expecting a different game.  Like X-COM: EU 2?