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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth Trailer Is Terrifying

We learned this morning that The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is coming to PlayStation 3 and Vita next year, and the game's creator has released teaser trailr to commemorate the announcment.

You can check out the trailer below, but be warned: it's weird. If you know about The Binding of Isaac, though, this shouldn't be too surprising.

For more on The Binding of Isaac, check out our review of the original release.

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  • This game is great. I recommend it to any Vita or PS3 owners. It's got the Cube Seal of Approval, actually (not that anyone knows what that is supposed to mean)
  • What the H is this? o.0 A new Binding of Isaac game? For real?
  • Nothing there that interests me. I suppose its supposed to be creepy but it just reminds me of those terrible low budget monster movies they used to show late night. pass
  • Oh my god that is absolutely demented.

  • Light/God(?) : You must buy this game.

    Me : I will do as you say my lord 0.0

  • Okay...Okay. Before people start going off on how "dumb" this is, I must say that the trailer is a poor representation of what the actual game is. There are references to the game in the trailer, but nothing that newcomers would pick up on. Check out the reviews/gameplay of the game (the Steam version). The game is awesome, and I feel like people are going to be put off from this really poor trailer.
  • It's like Skull Monkeys on acid.

  • Here's the first one's trailer. Should give you a better idea.

  • Godawful trailer that completely fails to show what the game is actually like.
  • Woow...wat?

  • God, this game is terrifyingly cute.

  • can't wait to play this on my vita :)

  • That was one weird trailer.

  • Oh.. my... GOSH!! YES!! I absolutely CANNOT wait for this!! This is going right up there with Smash Bros. as the 2014 games I'm extremely psyched for!

  • I love it, that was beautiful. So dark, so messed up, so perfect.

  • I still play Isaac from time to time, but ever since Steam's summer sale, it might take me a while before I go back to more playthroughs.

  • I love the style of this game, very twisted.

  • This was one of the last indie games that I was expecting to get a sequel, but cool. Just bring it to PC too alright?
  • I'm sorry but I would freak the hell out if I went into a basement and saw those things. Even scarier than Chuckie.

  • I wonder if the whole game will be in the claymation style, because that would be awesome.

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