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The Binding of Isaac

Two-Year Anniversary Prompts The Binding Of Isaac Mini-Documentary

The Binding of Isaac is two years old, and in honor of the anniversary, creator Edmund McMillen and the team behind Indie Game: The Movie released a short documentary about the game.

The documentary is among the many bonus videos that is included on the special edition of the film that was recently re-released. According to McMillen, this 30-minute documentary covers, "basically every detail about creating [The Binding of Isaac] and its message."

You can check out the documentary below, and you can also pick up the game from Steam, which is currently on sale for $0.99.

For more on Indie Game: The Movie, you can check out our recent Where Are They Now feature where we caught up with all the film's subjects a year after its release.

[Source: Edmund McMillen, via Polygon]

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  • Seriously? 2 years? Dang.
  • I just bought this game for a buck, and I'm kinda scared to try it out. It looks freaky. I'm sure it's phenomenal, but freaky.
  • Could it be? I can still hear the sound of nobody caring.
  • I have yet to finish this game.Too much ragequit

    Hopefully the confidence boost I got recently after finishing Faster Than Light will help me this time, or not.
  • Still haven't played Binding of Isaac yet. . . should I? In any case, major diss not to have made a documentary on this for that dang long. Sure a lotta respect there developers.
  • It's one of the best indie games ever made, i bought this when it came out on steam and i didn't play it for months, but when i finally tried it i couldn't stop.

    Amazing, awesome, addictive game.

    Beat the game over 20 times but only beat it like 3 times (people who have played it know what i mean)

  • I am Catholic myself and I was hesitant to play the game, because I thought it was going to be entirely anti-religious, but after watching this guy talk about the game I am going to try it out. Plus it is only .99 cents to that is a good thing as well.

  • wish he spoke about the music a bit. The music was amazing and really sold the game environment
  • This is such a weird game, not sure I would ever want to give it a try. Good it only costs less than a dollar. Very feaky.

  • I really reccomend playing Binding of Isaac!

    This is one of my favorite games on steam :D Almost reached 200 houers playing it.

    Just be sure to get the expansion too! <3

  • Why is the video private all of a sudden