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The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga Gets Tactical In New Combat Trailer

Stoic Studio is just one month away from the release of its Kickstarter-funded The Banner Saga. We've shown you how travel will affect your party. Now, it's time to explore combat.

Stoic has put together a tactical experience that is largely familiar. There are some interesting twists that push players toward resource management in battle.

You can learn more about how you'll manage heroes and their skills in the video below. The Banner Saga will be out on January 14, 2014 for PC and Mac.

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  • This looks really cool. To anyone following the development: Is there a chance we'll see this on Live or PSN?
  • I really hope this runs on my pathetic PC. I'd try it on my macbook but any games I have ever tried to run on here have never really worked.
  • Not really into turn based strategy.  But, I have to say I really really like their art style.

  • Reminds me of FF:Tactics by way of Don Bluth. Neat stuff.

  • Huh! not bad!

  • This seems like a cool game to play.

  • Man, this game seems to be shaping up very nicely.