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The Banner Saga

Announcement Trailer Shows Off Beards, Blood, And Battleaxes

Last year, Stoic Games raised more than $700,000 on Kickstarter for its turn-based tactical game, The Banner Saga – more than seven times what they were asking for. Now, we've got a look at the game in action via an all-new trailer. It shows off the hand-drawn, Viking-inspired art and tactical gameplay.

Player choice is a big part of the game, and the developers are promising that every choice regarding travel, conversation, and combat will create ripples that resonate throughout the entire story.

Stoic Games, which was formed by three former BioWare employees, is also announcing a partnership with Versus Evil. Versus Evil will be publishing the game on PC and Mac when the game releases on January 14.

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  • So Steam or no Steam?
  • This game looks excellent. I'm exciting for them to keep us updated before its release.

  • Wakfu ... :(
  • This looks really good.

  • Wow, I REALLY love the art direction for this game and how complex the animation.  I might actually give this game a look when it's released.

  • This reminds me of FFT.  Day 1 buy for me.

  • not sure love the c/s and the look they game play not sure

  • I love the direction this one is taking. I will purchase this.

  • Ex Bioware employees making a fantasy/strategy/RPG?. Count me in!

  • I love what Bioware employees put out so I will probably buy this. The only questionable aspect I see is that from what gameplay footage they showed, it almost looked like it should be an app game for tablets, either alongside the computer versions or by itself.

  • Damn this media player to hell. YOUTUBE PLEASE,... I need breakfast.