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The Amazing Spider-Man 2

First Look At Amazing Spider-Man 2 Features Kraven The Hunter

Electro and The Rhino might be the main attractions for the Amazing Spider-Man 2 film, but Beenox is taking the game in a slightly different direction. Kraven the Hunter comes to New York, and it seems that he’s helping (and not stalking) the web slinger.

We do get a glimpse of Jamie Foxx’s Electro in the last moments though, meaning that there will be some overlap between the two mediums. Amazing Spider-Man wasn’t the best of Beenox’s work, but Spidey fans are a forgiving bunch. 

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is slated for release this spring. The trailer indicates it’s coming to Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Wii U, 3DS, and PC.

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  • Take a page from rocksteady.
  • I would really prefer if they'd done this whole Kraven arc, with Steve Bloom (Blume?) in live action since he already kinda looks the part, in the main movie with maybe -just- Electro and Uncle Ben's killer as the core subplot.

  • Spider-man's head looks misshaped. If he took the mask off, he'd have severe face issues.

  • it doesn't look very next gen

  • And still no love for Superman???? Is flying that much of a detriment to gaming? With games like Prototype that have almost near Superman like powers and more??
  • Does not look very amazing in my opinion...

  • Who remembers the Spiderman game from the first playstation!!! Ahhh nostalgia!
  • Mod

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I'm avoiding this like the plague.

  • damn, I mistook it for ultimate spiderman

  • If this is a another movie game, we all should know how this will turn out.

  • I still somewhat enjoyed the first game, but hopefully this one is better. Just bring back the swinging mechanics from Spiderman 2 and we'll call it square.

  • Rocksteady should just make all superhero games, they would make a great Spiderman game if they used the same enemy formula from Arkham City. Swinging around new york city with all of spidey's enemies wreaking havoc would be amazing.

  • What bothers me is that Spider-Man's animations look awfully familiar - as in, ripped straight from Beenox's previous Amazing Spider-Man game. The webs are supposed to attach to buildings now, but judging by the swinging sections in this trailer, it looks as though this is going to be a superficial part of the gameplay, rather than signification of an overhauled, physics-driven system (as in Spider-Man 2). I can't say my expectations are very high for Beenox, at this point, but I certainly wouldn't mind being wrong, this time around.

  • Lets get back to what worked in the spider-man games and make this with some quality please! Free form and smoother web swinging like there was in spider-man 2 would be a great start. They gotta go all out for once and give the web swinger some real love man. Nothing better in a "good" spider-man game than just swinging around exploring and doing nothing!
  • Please take the license away from beenox. After making 2 okay games and then just cloning the Arkham series, I think they've proved they don't want to do anything unique.
  • i thought he first game was a good B rated game i had lots of fun with

  • Could we maybe, I don't know, make a game not based on the movie universe or well directly linked? like the batman arkham games are their own mmedium... I mean we need a spidey game that makes you feel like a crime fighter without random villians, pick one villian to rul eover all fo them, make the web mechanics smoother, the combat cna stay the same jsut add countering a little more originality to the moves instead of the same move every three moves. An original story, with side missions(like spider-man 3) not quick time event missions, that was just laziness in the first one. Also, make it original, don't use the movie or comic costume, create a variation of the comic costume and then add the others as skins later.... it's sad when one of the greatest super heroes that could easily be translate din a game get's lackluster appeal, and story in his games. Oh, and seriously, everyone else Everyone ELSE, Save a few. Have realized how horrible movie based games are, so Beenox, from a fan of Spidey, create an open world spidey that is original story content and gameplay. It's okay to be inspired by arkham city... because it's almost perfection( I believe no game is perfect no matter what reviews say) but seriously come on!

  • Wait, could this be one of the first licensed game based off a movie to not suck?
  • still can't forgive them for the savegame error of the first one

  • Are they gonna have the movie voice actors this time or more random people?