The game was rented not bought to play for a couple days to see if Beenox would have any improvements over the last game. The original ASM game was a generic movie tie in, this one is no different. The game takes almost no skill to play you swing around the city stopping petty crimes that's about it. There are hidden loading screens disguised as a news cast at the end of each side mission. During these side missions with the generic looking thugs with bandannas over their faces to hide for the serious crime of spray painting you beat a guy or two then move on. If you don't do these repetitive missions that only last a short time before they expire you are considered a menace to the city. They actually thought it was a good idea to force side missions on you or you feel like a bad guy. If you don't complete the side missions and become a menace then the private police go on a spider hunt. 

  For the graphics and presentation the game does not seem well put together the graphics are rough and the loading is obnoxious. The amount of load screens i spend watching for a ps4 xb1 generation game is embarrassing, I'm not sure what textures their loading for so long since the game looks noticeably bad. The textures look poorly made most things in the game look like early ps3 games. The spider suit looks nice but that's about it.  When you have games that look as good as Infamous SS or Ryse its hard to look at this game and not be upset by the lack of detail and general polish. As I'm sure they probably rushed to make this game with the release of the new movie. That should't be an excuse to make a game that can't even live up to the old ps2 game of the similar name.

Moving to game mechanics the web for swinging is supposed to stick to buildings but most of the time the web is in a pre-programmed location on the building or floating not attached. There also doesn't seem to be any physics to make the web react when you swing around said building nothing gets tangled or strained. I would't be so upset with the swinging if we didn't already have a Spiderman game that had great web mechanics almost ten years ago. There is also no momentum to swinging, you swing the same speed regardless of how high you fall whether from 20 feet to 200 feet. Lets talk about falling for a second you can't actually fall the game won't let you it will stop you at about ten feet from the ground. They don't want you to fail or fall in this game even on hard its easy the game will hold your hand the whole way through. The fighting is a very simple mash on attack button then press dodge and repeat. They tried to implement the Arkham style of fighting but only at its bare bones. Most of the time the enemy is a random henchmen with a different color hat or bandanna. Then for most of the story missions you'll fight some goons then a boss, those missions are rather short and the game itself is also quite short. It makes me sad that Activision rushes most of these games out the door. I would love to see what Beenox could do if they had free reign over the story and the amount of time they need to make a good game. Spiderman fans haven't had a good game for a while. The formula for a good Spiderman game is already established with Spiderman 2 they just need to take those ideas and modernize them. I'm tired of games being rushed and recycled so they meet deadlines. Spiderman deserves better then being rehashed from one game to another. All said and done The Amazing Spiderman 2 game is essentially the first game with a few improvements. Stay strong "True Believers" maybe one day well have another good Spiderman game.