I had been looking forward to this title, as I had been pleasantly surprised by the first Amazing Spider-
Man title two years back, but upon picking it up, I was somewhat disappointed. The game plays well enough and the new web swinging mechanic is an improvement, but the entire experience just seemed unfinished. That's really the one issue that all the games problems can be wrapped under: an overall lack of polish. The visuals are unimpressive by last gen standards, the plot is a string of random villains getting punched in the face, and much of the game play feels like it's just shy of being solid. I played through the entire campaign, and I'm really not upset that I purchased the game, but it definitely could have been more. Beenox has tried to emulate the Arkham games in it's last two titles, which isn't a bad idea, but when that idea isn't fully realized it makes one spend the entire game experience imagining how excellent the title could be if it had been. Overall, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has a few fun moments for fans and swinging through New York has a fun, acrobatic appeal, but the entire experience is marred by what feels like an unfinished game all around.