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The Amazing Spider-Man

New Trailer And Screens For The Amazing Spider-Man

Spider-Man's last game involved lots of corridors and locked doors, but Beenox and Activision are bringing web-slinger back into the open world with the next installment.  

The trailer below highlights the fact that Spidey will once again be swinging around Manhattan in The Amazing Spider-Man, which will be a welcome change for fans who felt burned by the action in Edge of Time.  You'll also see the villain Iguana (not be confused with Lizard) in action. 

The Amazing Spider-Man releases on June 26, but you can learn more by reading the full preview our upcoming May issue!

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  • I like his tights :O
  • Looks cool. The combat looks really fluid and the attacks themselves look very good for Spider-man. And from the little bit they showed, it definitely looks like we'll be able to haul ass around NYC with web swinging. Hopefully we'll have another good Spider-man game soon.
  • Nice.  This Spider-man game actually looks halfway decent.

  • like everything but one thing. is he wearing a *** utility belt? cause we don't need a batman rip off.
  • Looks great! I just hope the graphics live up to the screenshots and trailer during actual gameplay, though.
  • I am interested in this game, I really liked Shattered Dimensions (or whatever it was called) but passed on Edge of time.

    But why the hell does every trailer have to have terrible music.

  • They say no confirmed voice actors, but I can already tell whos in the game due to this trailer. And his name is Nolan North.
  • Wow, I'm impressed. While I've said to myself that I will never get a video game based off a movie anymore, that rule might have to change.

  • i dig the level of detail in these screenshots but i wonder how close is the in-game footage

  • Spiderman, Spiderman, Does whatever a spider can Spins a web, any size, Catches thieves just like flies Look Out! Here comes the Spiderman.
  • My hope springs eternal for a good Spiderman video game and I can't wait to jump into a Spidey open world even if it looks a little bare for New York City.  Not terribly excited for the movie though.  

  • I wanna see the game IN ACTION. All that stuff looks cool and all in the trailer but we all know...the main game will not flow like that IN GAME.

  • The game actually looks awesome.

  •  Well, I could do without the electro-hop-rap, but what I'm seeing of the game itself reminds me a lot of Spider-Man 2, which I consider a very good sign!

  • Looks very promising. Might have to consider buying it.

  • I enjoyed spiderman three the game. I just hope this one is pretty good

  • Mod
    A... a new Spider-Man game that... that actually looks awesome?!
  • Mod
    Still not impressed. Might end up playing it because it's Spider-Man but after their last two disappointments (putting it mildly), I doubt Beenox made enough improvements on this one. The only game I'm looking forward to this summer is Lollipop Chainsaw.
  • Is that Ghost that Spider-Man is drop kicking?
  • Is that Ghost that Spider-Man is drop kicking?
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