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  • Blog Post: Nothing Much

    Theres really not much for me to criticize about this game. it looks great, animations are smooth, the only few things that dont bring my rating to a 9 or higher is the lack in creative dialogue, terrible choice in villains ( Only three from spidermans mythos are actually in the game to fight) an the... More
  • Blog Post: The Amazing Spider-man Mini Review

    Hello everyone, I'm here to give you my thoughts on the newest Spider-man game, developed by Beenox. SUMMARY The Amazing Spider-man game is an epilogue to the movie that came out on the third of July. In the game you control Peter Parker / Spider-man in a story revolving around a cross-species virus... More
  • Blog Post: The Amazing Spider-Man

    Spider senses are tingling alright... The Amazing Spider-Man movie may have been an honest try at a reboot, and a decent one at that- even though it only released yesterday, but the game version is anything but that. Put into the now questionable hands of Beenox, the people who did such a great job with... More
  • Blog Post: Unfortunately, Average.

    I had incredibly high expectations for the Amazing Spider-Man game. That's probably why I didn't especially enjoy it. It is in NO way a bad game, but unfortunately, it's not great either. It's fun, but not enough so to justify anyone paying more than 20-30 dollars, if that. The combat... More
  • Blog Post: Amazing Fantasy?

    Spider man Games have held a special place in my heart as has my infinite love for marvel, and seeing as The Wallcrawler is getting his new movie soon, its common sense that marvel would have a tie in game for him as well, AND from the great men and women at beenox no less.My Hype for this game has honestly... More
  • Blog Post: Freat Title

    this game looks so real the graphics are great and the story is about the same as usual combos look great lets hope this new spider man will give us a lot of fun More
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