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  • Blog Post: Beenox's Amazing Spider-Man: An Issue of Trust

    I was excited for Beenox's new Spider-Man game. I did not like Shattered Dimensions, so I didn't bother playing Edge of Time. Nevertheless, I felt drawn to The Amazing Spider-Man simply because I wanted to swing. After reading s everal reviews, I decided to buy the game despite its lukewarm reception... More
  • Blog Post: The Amazing Spider-Man (3DS) Review

    Nintendo 3DS Version Do you like action-adventure games? Do you like Spider-Man? Do you want a new, fun 3DS game? Well, if you answered yes to at least one of these questions, The Amazing Spider-Man for the Nintendo 3DS might be the game for you. Including an excellent fighting mechanic, immerse story... More
  • Blog Post: Look Out Here Comes Amazing Spider-Man the Game

    Spider-Man has has a unique history with video games most of them bad but their have been a few gems. "Amazing Spider-Man the Game" is not one of them but is it's not a just stink bomb of a game that has had the Spider-Man name. This game is not a bad game but not a good game either it... More
  • Blog Post: The Amazing Spider-Man

    Spider senses are tingling alright... The Amazing Spider-Man movie may have been an honest try at a reboot, and a decent one at that- even though it only released yesterday, but the game version is anything but that. Put into the now questionable hands of Beenox, the people who did such a great job with... More
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