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  • Blog Post: The Amazing Spider-man: A Cash-In that Works

    With another year and yet another round of Marvel movies to accompany it, the reboot of the Amazing Spider-man has fulfilled the tradition of obligatory movie games with its entry of the same name. Is it worth more than the price of your theater tickets? Although it received a mediocre rap from editor... More
  • Blog Post: Beenox's Amazing Spider-Man: An Issue of Trust

    I was excited for Beenox's new Spider-Man game. I did not like Shattered Dimensions, so I didn't bother playing Edge of Time. Nevertheless, I felt drawn to The Amazing Spider-Man simply because I wanted to swing. After reading s everal reviews, I decided to buy the game despite its lukewarm reception... More
  • Blog Post: It really is an A Spidy Game...

    Introduction Well, the story behind video games and superheroes goes a long way. The main reason is that, most superhero-videogames are related to recent movies of that hero and are usually mediocre since profit is the goal. The main comparison that everyone uses, is with the Arkham series of Batman... More
  • Blog Post: Best Spidey game YET

    One of the best spider man games ive played yet. I bumped into a couple bugs though like when im on a bridge i when spidey is falling he does that swan dive but will continue to do that once he has hit the ground but not much eles e wrong with the game More
  • Blog Post: Awsome Game

    This Game the amazing spiderman is a really cool and totally awsome gmae More
  • Blog Post: Look Out Here Comes Amazing Spider-Man the Game

    Spider-Man has has a unique history with video games most of them bad but their have been a few gems. "Amazing Spider-Man the Game" is not one of them but is it's not a just stink bomb of a game that has had the Spider-Man name. This game is not a bad game but not a good game either it... More
  • Blog Post: Lived up to my expectations, and I'm happy with what I got.

    I honestly really enjoy the game. Like a lot of people may have already said, it really brings me back to Spider-man 2 back on the PS2 and GCN. Both of the games are fun, addictive, and swinging around Manhattan is by far the most rewarding and fun part of the game... well along with the game physics... More
  • Blog Post: The Amazing Spider-Man

    Spider senses are tingling alright... The Amazing Spider-Man movie may have been an honest try at a reboot, and a decent one at that- even though it only released yesterday, but the game version is anything but that. Put into the now questionable hands of Beenox, the people who did such a great job with... More
  • Blog Post: Amazing Fantasy?

    Spider man Games have held a special place in my heart as has my infinite love for marvel, and seeing as The Wallcrawler is getting his new movie soon, its common sense that marvel would have a tie in game for him as well, AND from the great men and women at beenox no less.My Hype for this game has honestly... More
  • Blog Post: The Bes Spider Man Free Roaming so far.

    The game looks Amazing. this is definitly the Best SpiderMan Free Roaming game since Spider Man 2. The graphics are greate the story is good and the fighting is all you can ask from a spiderman game. I really recommend it to anyone out there, if you are a fan or if you dont, you will definitly enjoy... More
  • Blog Post: Spidey's back in full swing!

    So I have been a huge fan Spiderman since I was a kid, reading comic and playing the original game for the Playstation (Though Spiderman 2 the movie game in commonly said to be the best, I feel the original truly is the best one ever to come out.) and after the past few botched series of Spiderman games... More
  • Blog Post: Spider-Man Returns

    Let me start off by saying this is the first Spider-Man game I have played since Spider-Man 3. I have not tried out the numerous games from Beenox representing the Spidey name (Web of Shadows, Shattered Dimensions, Friend or Foe, and Edge of Time). Maybe it is because of this that I enjoyed Amazing Spider... More
  • Blog Post: My Review

    It was a disappointment, even though Stan Lee was awesome. More
  • Blog Post: The AMAZING Spider-man... 'nuff said.

    Ladies and gentlemen: the greatest Spider-man game ever made. Where to begin... the concept. Basically this is a movie tie-in, without the bad part. Developed by Shattered Dimensions', yes, and Edge of Time,ugh,'s Beenox, The Amazing Spider-man is amazing. The storyline is a epilogue to Sony's... More
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