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  • Blog Post: Beenox's Amazing Spider-Man: An Issue of Trust

    I was excited for Beenox's new Spider-Man game. I did not like Shattered Dimensions, so I didn't bother playing Edge of Time. Nevertheless, I felt drawn to The Amazing Spider-Man simply because I wanted to swing. After reading s everal reviews, I decided to buy the game despite its lukewarm reception... More
  • Blog Post: Amazing Fantasy?

    Spider man Games have held a special place in my heart as has my infinite love for marvel, and seeing as The Wallcrawler is getting his new movie soon, its common sense that marvel would have a tie in game for him as well, AND from the great men and women at beenox no less.My Hype for this game has honestly... More
  • Blog Post: Freat Title

    this game looks so real the graphics are great and the story is about the same as usual combos look great lets hope this new spider man will give us a lot of fun More
  • Blog Post: Spidey's back in full swing!

    So I have been a huge fan Spiderman since I was a kid, reading comic and playing the original game for the Playstation (Though Spiderman 2 the movie game in commonly said to be the best, I feel the original truly is the best one ever to come out.) and after the past few botched series of Spiderman games... More
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