Theres really not much for me to criticize about this game. it looks great, animations are smooth, the only few things that dont bring my rating to a 9 or higher is the lack in creative dialogue, terrible choice in villains ( Only three from spidermans mythos are actually in the game to fight) an the story is barely passable. There was so much potential for alot more things with this game. The countering system is similar to Arkham Asylum, but not as great since it wasnt as noticeable as the Arkham games. Also the only cool villains that were in the game were Rhino, Lizard and Allistar Smythe (probably spelled that wrong).

The developers talked up how much Arkham had a big influence in the production of this game, so why not add a bunch of villains into the game from Spidermans lore? Venom, Electro, Shocker, Vulture, maybe even the Punisher all would have been cool to interact with in some way whether it be Main or Side Objectives. Those are what i think would have made this game a whole lot more fun to play.