Well, the story behind video games and superheroes goes a long way. The main reason is that, most superhero-videogames are related to recent movies of that hero and are usually mediocre since profit is the goal.

The main comparison that everyone uses, is with the Arkham series of Batman. These two games are triple A titles that, in my opinion, are made for the hero and the fans, not the profit. But enough about that, let's get reviewing.


Beeing Spider-Man

When I got this game, I was really excited but also curious for what I would experience. Having played almost every game of Spider-Man (yes since GameBoy), and having the two PSX games as my favorites (Spiderman and Spiderman 2: Enter Electro) my expectations of our Web-Crawling friend on videogames was always on a certain level.

I thought, "If I can do all the moves that Spider-Man does, then this will be an ok game." and what I wanted was to not be tied in a few combos from beginning till end. And after starting the gaming, I found out that my expectation turned into reality.

The game offers a very well-designed gameplay, which is not too complex, but also is not too simple to get bored, having a fluid and free combat system (which offers even fleeing while in a middle of a 25hit-combo). Jumping, web-slinging, fighting thugs, sneaking into laboratories and all these things that make Spider-man who he is are here.

Also, the game is full of collectibles (actually I don't remember a location in the game that did not have a collectible around), from comic book pages to secret locations, everything is here, filling our nostalgia of the old Spiderman games.

Comparing the gameplay to the latest Spider-man games (Spiderman-Shattered Dimensions and Spiderman-Edge of Time), this profile suits the hero better, with free-roaming being the highlight.

The upgrading system was more interesting than I expected. Everything comes up naturally and keeps getting better, from longer combos to hiding better in the shadows, our hero becomes more interesting.

Finally, the boss fights are more that satisfying, and the challenges around town (along with side missions) give the game more life and a chance to have a little more fun that just playing the main storyline.


The Technical Side

Although this is a movie tie-in, It certainly doesn't seem like one. The game looks really natural and original. My opinion is that, companies just tried too hard to find a suitable way of putting our hero in videogames correcty, and it all went wrong. But fortunately, this game is made right and gives a feeling that our hero is where he deserves to be.

The Graphics are ok, everything is really blurry while web-slinging (it gives a taste of reality) and all the comic-book playfulness is here. Animations are really smooth and nicely displayed. To be honest, some animations could be a little more detailed or given more time to look better, but these do not make the game look bad or smash the whole thing. I think that the amazing (no, really, AMAZING) boss fights make up for that.

The Sound is ok too, with the city being alive as sirens are heard from miles away and helicopters flying next to you (you are Spider-Man, remember?). Nothing special to comment here, but rest assured, all your favourite Spider-Man's cheezy lines are here!


It was a nice surprise to see my favorite super-hero in a decent videogame after some time. As I said before, everything is here, making this the best Spider-Man video game of our current gaming generation.

If you are a Spider-Man fan or not, you should give this game a chance, you can Web-Swing and jump form building to building after all!