Nintendo 3DS Version

     Do you like action-adventure games? Do you like Spider-Man? Do you want a new, fun 3DS game? Well, if you answered yes to at least one of these questions, The Amazing Spider-Man for the Nintendo 3DS might be the game for you. Including an excellent fighting mechanic, immerse story, and tons of extras to collect, The Amazing Spider-Man might be the game for you. Read my review on The Amazing Spider-Man for the Nintendo 3DS to find out if this is the game for you.

     Story: After reading the description on Nintendo's website or after trying to figure out what the game is about from other sources, you might not know what The Amazing Spider-Man is about. Well, The Amazing Spider-Man starts out with Gwen and Peter Parker, also known as Spider-Man, going to Oscorp to see what their latest experiments have been, only to find out that Oscorp has been working on crosspecieses after the Lizard's appearance. Later, Peter accidentally "awakens" the Scorpion, a crosspecies, which "awakens" the rest of the crosspecieses. Afterwards, Gwen and the scientists become infected by the crosspecieses while the whole city of Manhattan is put in danger by both the crosspecieses and robots, mechanical, spider-like objects that Oscorp has that attacks anything infected by a crosspecies or is a crosspecies, including Spider-Man.  Spider-Man must then team up with Dr. Connors, also known as the Lizard, to find an antidote to this disastrous situation. They must then save the scientists, Gwen, and the people of Manhattan as Dr. Smythe goes crazy after injecting the first, fraudulent batch of medicine. He then goes so crazy that he will create a huge robot to "save Manhattan" when really he destroys Manhattan. In addition to this already extensive story, The Amazing Spider-Man also includes tons of action, adventure, and even some romance in between with Peter and Gwen.

     Gameplay: Spider-Man is back and better than ever in this action-packed Spider-Man game. As I explained in the story paragraph, The Amazing Spider-Man is about Spider-Man needing to defeat the crosspecieses and defeating Dr. Smythe, who turned evil after getting infected by the dud medicine. On Spider-Man's mission to save Manhattan and possibly the world, Spidey must punch, kick, sling, and shoot his enemies (with webs, of course). Let's get started, shall we? Spider-Man must crawl through a variety of areas to complete whatever he needs to do there. With the help of web rush mode, he can easily use his spider-like abilities to shoot his enemies with webs, attack his enemies, get to an area quickly, or even use stealth. Speaking of web rush mode, you can do four different things using it: attack enemies, use stealth, interact with objects, or do an offensive action. For your convenience, each one of these actions are color-coded. Attacking enemies is yellow, using stealth is purple, interacting with objects is light-blue, and doing an offensive action is red. Attacking enemies is where you use web rush mode to sling over to an enemy and start beating him up while you use stealth to defeat enemies while being unnoticed. Stealth means that Spider-Man will either web them to the ground or web them to the ceiling, depending on if you have upgraded stealth or not. Interacting with objects, along with attacking enemies, doesn't require web rush mode but is optional. This is where you use objects that help you. For example, you can interact with a ventilation duct so you can enter the vents. On the other hand, doing an offensive action requires web rush mode. This is where you do something to an object, like throwing it, to hurt enemies. For example, you can take a vending machine and throw it at enemies. To make things work smoother in web rush mode, time will slow down when it is activated. This gives you enough time to do what you need to do. If you need more time, you can easily upgrade web rush mode to make it longer. While helpful, web rush mode can be a huge pain. Sometimes, the cursor becomes stubborn and just stays where it wants to rather than going to where you want it to. Also, sometimes, you can't find the cursor you need to connect to.  

     In addition to using web rush mode, you are also able to collect items that can increase the amount of XP, unlock extras, or just help you beat the game 100%. Luckily, you won't be collecting web power-ups that give you more web power because you have an unlimited amount of webs. Yeah, that's right. You have an unlimited amount of webs. Sadly, you can't use it in free-flight as that is only available in the XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3 version of The Amazing Spider-Man. Along with items, you are also able to unlock different suits except they aren't available by picking them up. The suits are the normal suit, classic suit, and the black suit. They don't affect your gameplay but they can be nice to wear.

     Each and every one of the places you play at are very well-detailed with little details here and there that improve the environments. These little details make the environments look realistic. For example, when you verse the giant spider robot in the park, the park looks very real. You may also use the environment to your advantage when defeating enemies. Speaking of enemies, there are a variety of enemies, ranging from simple gunmen, to people with knives, and even people who have been infected and are now evil. These enemies add more "flavor" to the game and makes the game more difficult than you might have thought it was although it is pretty easy after you get used to the controls.

     Want to be a vigilante? Then come on down to Vigilante Mode, but, if you do come down, then don't expect much. Vigilante Mode might sound fun, but it really isn't. I was expecting that you have to fight bad guys and progress, making the levels harder. Well, I was completely wrong. Instead, you are thrown scenarios in which you have to answer with what you would do if you were the super hero. If you win, you move on. If you don't, then do it again. Another thing in it that is a good addition to this strategy-like mode is AP and VP. You will need AP to be able to answer the scenarios while you collect VP from scenarios you answered correctly. You will need VP to level up and make your AP bar contain more AP. There are many scenarios ranging from a variety of problems for you to solve. You even hop around from town-to-town to answer scenarios and even get supplies to answer them correctly. In addition, you can use play coins to buy AP for you to use, which is a nice addition to this dull mode. You will also get bonuses if you visit this mode daily, but that might not last long with many people. Sadly, Vigilante Mode isn't something that I enjoy playing, and I find it to be a bit dull. In my opinion, it would've been better if it was made for you to beat up more criminals, but this does work. It doesn't provide much for you to enjoy, but it works.

     Graphics: While I do love beating up bad guys in glasses-free 3D, Spider-Man and the people still have a little bit more to learn when it comes to appearances. First of all, Spider-Man's suits don't look very appealing. I do like his new suit, but I do miss his old suit. There is the option to play with his old suit (if you unlock it), but, surprisingly, Activision decided to make it look dusty and ugly. You can also play using the black suit, which is a very nice-looking suit. The people do look very good in 3D, but they could use a little bit more work in the polishing sector. That's the same thing with the enemies except they need more work altogether. This doesn't affect everybody (like the Lizard), but, some enemies, like the Rhino, could use a more three-dimensional look. Their faces look flat while their costumes kind of look fake with a dash of flatness. Otherwise, the setting and environments look great! The buildings look realistic while the environment looks appealing. Even the objects that you interact with (excluding people and enemies) look flabbergasting! When it comes to graphics, The Amazing Spider-Man impresses in the settings department while it is weak in the human/crosspecies department.

     Sound/Music: As you might have expected, The Amazing Spider-Man delivers some pretty good soundtracks that fit the game very nicely. The sounds that blast out of the speakers fit the situations and do sound realistic to the predicament. For example, if an alarm is sounding because Spider-Man was found or something, the alarm would sound like an actual alarm that you would hear. Even little sounds are nice to hear and sound realistic. In the music department, you will be hearing some tunes that fit in the situation. For example, if you are in stealth mode and you're about to catch somebody, the music will play a quiet, eerie tune that fits the situation. When it comes to music and sounds in The Amazing Spider-Man, that is one of the few things that it really excels in. 

     Voice Acting: Just as a traditional Spider-Man game, The Amazing Spider-Man includes voice acting. The voice acting is both good and bad in this game. On the good side, the voice acting makes the game more realistic. It seems so real to have a robber consult his co-worker about Spider-Man as you beat up his buddies. In addition, conversations are even better with it because, as I said, it is as if somebody is really having a conversation near or with you. On the other hand, as the ESRB reported, people do cuss in this game. Yes, this does make the conversations even more real, but, for the younger audience, this isn't a good thing. Luckily, once the word comes out, it doesn't come out again. In all, the voice acting is excellent, whether or not the characters cuss. It helps make the game a lot better than a game without voice acting.

     Controls: While complicated, The Amazing Spider-Man's controls are very effective and fun to use. In the beginning of the game, you won't be doing so well when considering the fact that the game throws a ton of buttons that do different things right at you, but you will be able to settle in quickly. According to The Amazing Spider-Man's manual, you will be using A to shoot webs, B to jump or web swing (if you hold B you web sling), X to use web rush, Y to attack, L/R to turn the camera, and L+R to center the camera (if you tap the buttons) or to use gyroscope mode (if you hold the buttons). Along with these physical buttons are the "retreat" and "dodge" buttons, which you tap the button on the touch screen to use. Retreat allows you to retreat to a place where the enemy can't hit you (No, it doesn't exit you from the game.) while dodge allows you to dodge an enemy's attack. You may also use a signature move by clicking A after a certain amount of hits. The controls are very solid and respond to what you say, but, surprisingly, performing a signature move is the only one that doesn't respond at the first tap. Unlike with the other buttons, I have to click the A button more than once for a signature move to start, and, usually, it doesn't start and Spider-Man just shoots webs. Anyways, The Amazing Spider-Man features some fun-to-use controls that are easy to master if you listen to the on-screen instructions along with what you think would be the best for beating up the enemies. The controls respond to what you tell it in a flash except for using a signature move, which is a minor setback.

     Saving: Many games nowadays pick one of two ways to save your progress in a video game: you have to manually save your game or the game automatically saves. Luckily, The Amazing Spider-Man is one of those games, but, in The Amazing Spider-Man, the game automatically saves and it does it very frequently. Before you start playing, the game shows you a symbol of a circle. It also tells you that, whenever you see that circle, the game will be saving your game. The Amazing Spider-Man does a pretty good job of it too. If you die in the level, it will make you start over from your last save. Also, if you turn off the 3DS while you're playing a chapter, the next time you play, it will return you to the last spot that it saved at in the chapter, which is a very nice addition. If you get The Amazing Spider-Man, then expect saving to surpass the expected performance.

     Replayability: Sadly, the fun with Spidey dies right after you beat the game, leaving you with not much to make you want to play again. First of all, it took me about 8 hours to beat this game, so I would suspect this game to take you 8-13 hours to beat. After you beat the game, you won't really want to beat up any more villains. Well, you will want to, but it just isn't as fun when you're stuck with playing chapters in the adventure all over again. Sure, you get two extra chapters after you beat the game, but those chapters don't take very long to beat. In addition to beating up criminals, you can also do Vigilante Mode. Honestly, that mode really isn't fun, so you aren't going to really want to play with it. You can also try and collect all of the collectibles, but that really isn't enjoyable after beating the story. When it comes to replayability, you should not expect much from The Amazing Spider-Man. This is one of those games where you play it, finish it, and ditch it. If you want a replayable game, you won't be expecting one here.

Replayability: Low

     Bugs?: Believe it or not, The Amazing Spider-Man does have a few bugs crawling around and messing with Spider-Man. First and foremost, yes, the game does freeze sometimes. Imagine yourself beating up an enemy, and, when you use your signature move to web them to the floor, they just freeze, don't get webbed to the floor, and just stand there while making a pose. Well, this is what you should expect to see. This doesn't always happen when you do that very same thing. This freezing can be very annoying as it is not only the enemies that freeze but Spider-Man freezes as well. One time, I was playing and I was about to enter a ventilation duct when all of a sudden Spider-Man froze. Afterwards, I couldn't do anything, so I was forced to return to my apartment. That's not the only bug found in this game. Also, when you go to the bank to stop Felicia (That is the level that you play at in the demo available on the Nintendo eShop.), when Felicia talks after you beat her, most of what she says doesn't come out, causing whatever you hear to not even make sense. This doesn't happen in the demo, so why is it happening in the actual game? The third bug I have experienced in this game is that, sometimes, when Spider-Man is performing a signature move, he attacks nothing. Sure, it still hurts and affects the enemy you're attacking, but the game shouldn't do that. This happens quite a few times, and I don't remember this happening in the demo (I used all 10 of my uses with that demo.), which is not good. The fourth and final bug I have experienced with Spider-Man has to do with his signature moves. When I beat up enemies and the screen tells me to click A to use a signature move, it doesn't always respond from the first time. If I keep clicking A, Spider-Man will eventually stop beating him up and start using his web shots, meaning he will start shooting webs from his hands. It does respond sometimes while it doesn't at other times. In order to do it if this is the case, I have to keep alternating between Y and A, but I shouldn't have to do this. I should be able to click the A button from the first time for it to work.

     The Conclusion: Swing on over to your local retailer to pick up a copy of The Amazing Spider-Man if you want a fun game but don't mind a short story and a few bugs. The game itself is just so fun to play, but, with the story being about 8 hours long, you aren't going to be getting something that lasts long or is very replayable. It might be better to wait for a price drop because of the amount of gameplay, but, for $29.99, this is a pretty good game that I enjoyed. I recommend picking this game up if you don't mind a short amount of gameplay and if you want a lot of fun, but, if you don't want to pay $29.99 for a game that has a story that lasts merely 8 hours, it might be better for you to wait for a price drop.