Spider-Man has has a unique history with video games most of them bad but their have been a few gems. "Amazing Spider-Man the Game" is not one of them but is it's not a just stink bomb of a game that has had the Spider-Man name. This game is not a bad game but not a good game either it falls in the middle. If looked at as a Spider-Man game it not that great however if you look at a movie tie in game it's not bad. their are several pros and cons with this game that keep it in the middle.

 The Story

The story is one of the good points in this game. The story takes place 4 months after the movie and spoils a lot of plot points of the movie. The story it's self is kinda campy and fits the old comic stories in which a lot of the characters come from but still has this edgy feel of modern Spider-Man. One of the cons of the story is how some of the villains are portrayed most characters. Rhino, Scorpion, and Vermin are animals exposed to human DNA in the reverse of Curt Connors. So while visiting OsCorp  after hours The above mentioned villains called Cross-species break out causing a virus to take Manhattan similar to prototype. Now Spider-man with some help from Curt Connors after breaking him out of an asylum try to cure everyone. Meanwhile Alistaire Smythe OsCorp's new wonder boy is trying to gatherer up all the "Cross-species" with robots that will kill anyone infected even Spider-man. The story is meh but its not pull my eyes out bad.

The Side Quest.

The side quests are as follows their are save people from thugs, high speed chases, stop a shoot  out, take pictures, explore the sewers/secret OsCorp lab, take asylum escapees/sick people to safety, races,  and a stay in focus game. They get very repetitive and I stopped five chapters in to the game.

The Voice Cast.

The voice acting is very good I do wish that the actors from the movie had returned. I do think they try to hard to sound like the actors from the movie and some do I good job others not so much.

The Graphics

The graphics in the game are amazing (pardon the pun). The game looks great the city, characters, and items. One this I also enjoyed was as you took damage the costume would rip and tear as well(though only with a few costumes). This game looks good.

The Controls

The game's controls are really smooth with the exception of the web rush mechanic. The web rush is a nice speedy way of quick moving around an environments but the quick responses while web swinging are out right fail. I'll press the button to collect and item and I shoot off in the wrong direction it got annoying I'd rather hold the button to enter the web rush mode to pick my web rush location. the combat and the web swinging  work really well. Web rush need some more polishing.

The Bonus stuff.

The game has a series of collectables that range to comic book pages that unlock full classics spider-man comics. magazines and audio logs in the levels, and photos that unlock art and character trophies. Another (almost a staple) collectable is alt costumes. Now the costume are a challenge because one you have to have the camera (give in level 3) and two most are date sensitive I was only able to get two with the current update the others I had to set my clock ahead. their is also one given for completing the game 100% meaning all collectables and side missions finished you get what is being call the Amazing Black Costume. It's call that because it like the black costume from Spider-Man 3 it's just the red and blue suit all black with web. the bonus stuff is nice but not really worth it unless you want to change the costume or read one of the comics.

Stan "The Man" Lee

The Stan Lee challenge was a per order bonus from Amazon.com that lets you play as Stan Lee. This challenge was a bit of a disappointment but I did play it on easy to get a feel. The story is Stan loses his script and their is only one mission and then you could do the side quests.

 Final thoughts

 My final thoughts on this game are simple if you are a Spider-Man fan you may want to pick this up. if you are not a huge fan but enjoy Spider-Man games pass it wasn't great pick up Shattered Dimensions and rent this game my score is a 3 out of 5.