I honestly really enjoy the game. Like a lot of people may have already said, it really brings me back to Spider-man 2 back on the PS2 and GCN. Both of the games are fun, addictive, and swinging around Manhattan is by far the most rewarding and fun part of the game... well along with the game physics as well. Game of the Year... this most definitely is not. This game is simply fun for fun's sake. It's what I will play if I just need to kick back as it will pass the time and keep my attention. Especially compared to the awful game that preceded it, this game I believe with reinvigorate the franchise.

Worth it to pick up, and worth it to keep it in your collection.

And the whole similarity with the recent Batman games is dead on. They are very much a like, but Batman is Batman and Spider-man is Spider-man. Who I want to play as depends on my mood as they are still unique characters. Though Batman will still score higher on my list, the Amazing Spider-man proudly sits on my shelf and is played often.

Anywho, hope all are doing well.