I had incredibly high expectations for the Amazing Spider-Man game. That's probably why I didn't especially enjoy it. It is in NO way a bad game, but unfortunately, it's not great either. It's fun, but not enough so to justify anyone paying more than 20-30 dollars, if that. The combat is repetitive button mashing, which looks beautiful, but gets old incredibly quickly. It tries to be a sandbox game, but sadly fails at that as well. You have two options in combat: stealth or attack everybody straight on. The side missions (minus the bank robbery, which I won't spoil, and maybe the Bruce Campbell missions) are repetitive, and are only worth doing once or twice. The game spoils key points in the movie, which was ridiculously annoying, as I was looking forward to the movie, refused to read any reviews due to the spoilerish nature of them, and now I don't feel that it's necessary.

In summary, DO NOT buy this game now. Wait until it comes down in price (which shouldn't take that long) and after you've seen the movie. Were I pressed to find positive points, the web swinging around the open world is immensely satisfying, and the collectables being fully readable comic books is a nice touch. Spidey makes the quips you'd expect, but with some pop culture references (TMNT, Batman, etc). I feel as though maybe Beenox was forced to push this game (and, dare I mention it, Edge of Time) out quickly to tie in with the movie. I was a huge fan of Shattered Dimensions, and unfortunately I suspect this will be the end of Beenox Spidey games.