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Tetris Ultimate

Ubisoft Announces Tetris For A New Generation

In conjunction with the 30th Anniversary of the series, Ubisoft has announced a new Tetris game coming to next-gen and PC. In addition to the classic Marathon and Endless modes, four new modes accompany the game.

The new play types include a three-minute rush for points, a timed mode that tasks players to clear 40 lines as fast as possible, a head-to-head battle mode, and a multiplayer survival type with power-ups.  Up to four players will be given a chance to play simultaneously, either in a free-for-all or as teams.

Tetris Ultimate will be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this summer with a PC release coming this fall.

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  • My buddy has all the old Nintendo and SUper Nintendo games on his Wii, even the Japanese ones. We love to play Tetris Battle Gaiden, it's japanese so we can't read anything and it took us forever to learn how to play, but it's a blast. Basically pick from these weird characters who have their unique special moves, and then as you play the match you can break special blocks and get orbs that count towards your special power, when you use them they can be offensive moves that mess up your opponent or defensive moves that will save your ass. I love it more than any of the other Tetris games and its really fun to play when the loser of the round has to take a shot as well.
  • I'm def gettin this...i will never outgrow tetris and ms pac-man...

  • not to detract from this release, but in comparison to any version i've played, the original has always been the best. i love tetris. in a big way.

  • Neat. Too bad the TETRIS app for Android somehow isn't compatible with my tablet anymore.

  • Yay! I had Tetris Worlds on the original XBOX, but my XBOX crapped out so I couldn't play it anymore. Now I can finally play split screen Tetris again!

  • Man they really had NO ideas on what to do with the extra space afforded by 16:9. I mean... how hard is it to fill the other 2/3rds of the screen. It could be anything. How about a picture of a dog. You can have that idea for free, Ubisoft.

  • A Vita version would be nice...

  • This looks very plain compared to EA's version of Tetris that I already have for the PS3!

  • So the ultimate Tetris game coming to next gen consoles aye now this will be a incredible game and it will arrive this summer I'm all in for this!!!!!!!!

  • I might pick this up if the price is right. Worms released a game this week at $25, which is an absolute joke. I wouldn't pay more than $15 for that game, and I won't pay more than $15 for this game.

  • Who doesn't like a pretty looking Tetris? Depending on the cost, I'll likely check it out.