Welcome to the Forest

Upon starting the Steam game Terraria, you will find yourself in what some would call a "2d Minecraft" Take that thought and throw it away. While the two are similar they are not the same, Terraria focuses more on adventure and exploration than it does building. So to begin you are given access to the NPC "The Guide" more or less this person is your beginners tutorial. However since your reading this, you won't need the guide. You start with a Copper Shortsword, a Copper Pickaxe, and a Copper Axe. The shortsword will be used to fight the Zombies and Floating Eyes that appear at night and the Slimes that appear during the day. The Pickaxe is used to dig in the dirt and through the rocks. For this guide I will only be covering what you need to know for the first day so you will need to upgrade your tools later, but for the first day this pickaxe will be good. and the Axe is used to chop down trees.to get wood building material. For the first order of business chop down all the trees you can find and then mine some stone (the light grey brick) If you find any bricks with different color gems in it MINE IT if you find what looks to be copper/iron/silver/gold MINE IT! after you have a healthy supply of wood and stone find a nice clear area and build a building with wood leave 3 squares open for a door. inside the build open your menu and build a work bench. place the bench and open your menu again, now build a forge, a door, and wood wall. Now put the door up to prevent the Slimes from getting in, speaking of which you have killed some and collected Gel right? If not go to it soldier, if so congratulations Private your a trooper. Place your forge beside your bench and then put up some wood wall. Now its awful dark isn't it? go to your bench and build a few torches with Wood and Gel. put on on the inside and right about the door and congratulations you have a your first fort!


Order of Attack

  1. Harvest Wood/Stone
  2. Build Building
  3. Build Bench
  4. Build Door/Forge/Wood Wall
  5. Build Torches
  6. ???
  7. Profit