Metroidvania is a common term among gamers. It has given us some of the best experiences ever, such as super metroid, castlevania, and shadow complex. However, a two man indie studio has crafted the gem in that genre, terraria.

 Ive heard people around the web call terraria "2D minecraft" But really, thats the most ignorant statement you can make about this game. This game is not minecraft at all. It has more of a focus on exploration, combat, and crafting opposed to minecrafts building.

     This game has one of the coolest gameworlds out there. It has floating islands, castles, jungles, corrupted valleys, forests, deserts, and even hell. The world is packed with underground chests and pots containing money, treasure, and healing items.

 This game has loads of tools and weapons. From pistols, to swords, to tridents, to mini guns, to lightsabers, and even a ray gun. To accompany those weapons, is plenty of monsters to kill. Ive slaughtered eyeballs, slimes, harpies, skeletons, worms, demons, man eating plants, and sharks.

  Also, there are huge bosses to tackle. For example, a cthulus eye, who will summon smaller eyeballs, and even turn his pupil into rows of teeth. Also, accompany bosses is a satisfying amount of gore. Im not big on gore, but seeing these behemoths turn into puddels of blood and organs is oddly satisfying. This game doesnt have a rating, but it is filled to the brim with violence and gore.


 This game also features events that occour randomly. For example, sometimes hordes of goblins will attack your village and kill your npcs, and you. Also, there is a fun vanity system where you can craft cool looking items to deck out your warrior with. Wanna look like a super spy? done. Wanna wear a fishbowl? Done. Wanna look like mario or link? Done and done.

 This game has updates every now and then that keep you playing for hours and hours. This is a must buy if you like minecraft, metroid, castlevania, or good games.