Namco has already developed a solid fighting game, but a host of Nintendo-specific features make Tekken Tag Tournament 2 an interesting prospect for upcoming Wii U owner.

We got a quick rundown of Tekken Tag Tournament 2’s new Wii U features while touring TGS. Series producer Katsuhiro Harada joked that he wanted kids to be able to hide their gaming from their parents, so he worked hard to make sure that people could play the entire game on the Wii U’s controller screen, and the game does play well on Nintendo’s tiny screen, and features very little lag to boot.

Those who are able to use their TV for gaming, however, will find a host of other features connected to their Wii U screen. Programmable move lists almost make playing this game on the Wii U feel like cheating. Players can also pull up a list of fighting moves for their character on the Wii U’s screen and tap the move listed onscreen to perform it.

Some of the Wii U’s coolest features are some of the Nintendo-specific features. Characters in the game now have access to a variety of Mario, Zelda, and Bowser-themed costumes and certain levels feature remixed Mario music. We particularly enjoyed the new mode that players fighting in a field of Super Mario Bros. power-ups. Stars give fighters a temporary shot of invulnerability while mushrooms enlarge the size of their fighter and poison mushrooms take a chunk out of their health bar. We imagine fighters will constantly be vying for the best position on the battlefield while playing this Nintendo-themed mode.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 releases on the Wii U on November 18. Check out our review of the earlier console releases here.