After years of waiting, the sequel to the acclaimed Tekken Tag Tournament is finally available. I'm a big Tekken fan. I've been playing Tekken since Tekken 3 came out back in the day and through the years Harada-san has been finding new ways to keep the player engaged. And with that let's talk about the latest in the Tekken series, Tekken Tag Tournament 2.{Excerpt}

At first, I was confused about what to do when I got into practice mode. I was trying to do all those flashy 10-hit combos that I see on the internet with all the tag switches and whatnot. Instead, I decided to go to Fight Lab first, a new mode where you can learn the basics of TTT2. Here, there are challenges for you to complete so you can master everything. You can even customize your own Combot with mixed moves and combos from the Tekken cast.

Speaking of the Tekken cast, this game has the largest roster ever in a Tekken game with over 50 characters. Each fighter is varied and can suit anyone's playstyle. Miguel is a slow but hard-hitting character. Bob is quick despite his appearance and some are a little in between like Kazuya or Jin. There's something here for everybody. If you are a fan of the Tekken series, this is a must buy.