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Tekken Tag Tournament 2

New Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Screens And Trailer Focus More on Combat

You may have already seen the other recent Tekken Tag Tournament 2 trailer which spent a lot of time on cosplayers instead of gameplay. At least this time we get more gameplay.

The focus is still more on what the ladies are wearing as opposed to how their fighting. This trailer is definitely more diverse than the last, though, with a few men making an appearance to model their own swimwear.

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  • Injustice:Gods among us looks good by the way.
  • It won't load... :'-(

  • We have a lot of fighting games coming along, as well as more gaming variety this late 2012, and 2013. I hope they all become stand-alone titles.

  • Wow, I'm surprised any men actually appeared.
  • Wait a minute.....this isn't the video!
  • I got a "Guardians of Middle Earth" Video.
  • Tekken VS. Guardians of Middle Earth!
  • I see a battle for middle earth thing instead of tekken tag.
  • Ha haha ha haha.

  • (Edited out. Honestly, I'm just irritated with the overly sensitive tone in articles since Tomb Raider and E3 that's plaguing the internet. Puritan idealism really bothers me. Seems like anything approaching sexuality and taboo needs to be bashed and stoned. I don't usually say this, but I liked Colin Moriarty's editorial on IGN about everyone being offended by everything. Anyway, back to the original post) Neither of the videos you just posted on Tekken are ultra sexist. The first one, while sexy, wasn't really sexist was it? Those women weren't even scantily clad like some people tried to point out. Some of the cosplayers had clothes that covered almost their entire body. And this one has EVERYONE in their skivvies. Including Panda/Kuma. Don't be one of those guys, Kyle. Don't go down the road of yellow, pandering journalism. C'mon, guy. C'mon.
  • At first I was surprised by how conservative (compared to previous games) the swimsuits were and how normal looking the women's boob were...Then I realized this was a video for Tekken Tag, and not Dead or Alive 5.

  • To all those who complained about the half-naked women, this is what you get....half-naked men. So there isn't anything to complain about since they both cancel each other out... On another note - No Eye, No Ear, No Nose, No Mouth, No Body, No Mind, No Shape, No Shape
  • There are so many levels of being uncomfortable I felt watching that video. It's like the series has jumped the shark or something.
  • no video

  • Mod

    but i liked the swimmsuits.

  • Tried watching this on youtube and got a message that it was blocked on copyright grounds

  • So very Japanese.
  • This trailer was a little disturbing but a little tingly too. Also not into fighting games, but I love the characters in fighting games.

  • You know, I was just starting to get used to the idea of just about every person in multiplayer using swimsuits...when this I'm really afraid of what people will have their characters suited up like online.

  • You people are missing the only important thing in this video. Why are some of the women's shoulders so MANLY. Cristie and Nina had the manliest upper bodies i've seen in gaming. Complete travesty, I know my women dont look like that. And is this really why we've waited for 2 years for this to come out in the states? Bikinis and banana hammocks?

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