Screenshots Released For Latest Installment To The Tekken Franchise - Tekken Revolution - PlayStation 3 -
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Tekken Revolution

Screenshots Released For Latest Installment To The Tekken Franchise

The new Tekken Revolution is free-to-play and downloadable on PSN today.

A new feature for the Tekken series is the ability to increase the key attributes of power, vigor and endurance to strengthen fighters.

Confirmed playable characters include Paul, Alisa, Lars, Asuka, Kazuya, King, Marshall, Steve and Lili.

After you take a look through the new images, be sure to check out the trailer as well.

Tekken Revolution is exclusive to the PlayStation 3.

  • It's exclusives like these that make me reconsider my choice of buying an Xbox. Of course Xbox does get it's fair share of exclusives aswell.
  • Ive been wanting a fighting game for awhilie now. I was playing king of fighters XIII which is awesome but the online lag is horrible in that game. Ill be checking this out.
  • I still like the arcade, free to play thing they're going for.

  • Another confirmed player would be Kazuya...the guy in the thumbnail.

  • Free to play Tekken... Man I wish I had a PS3.

  • going to download right now

  • Free means good... sometimes, but im cautiously optimistic.

  • who can argue with a free game!? I'll be online tonight for sure.

  • Well Azuka and Lili are in it so that's good. Too bad Lee didn't make it.

  • Mod

    Downloading now....

  • I like seeing fighting games adopt this model. First DOA5 Ultimate, than Tekken Revolution... even Killer Instinct on the XBone is announced as a free-to-play installment! It just makes sense to me. It's closer to the old arcade model of trying it out for a quarter - practically nothing - and then ending up spending more money to play it more of buy the home port. The "full experience". Same applies here.

    Fighting games are pretty bare-bones anyway, unless they come up with something like MK's Challenge Tower or Injustice's STAR Labs. I don't like paying $60 for them anymore. Not to mention, this model will hopefully cut down on the obnoxious "Ultimate Editions" and "Super Editions". The cheaper, more content-filled editions  of the same games that come out a year after the original release? That's obnoxious.

    With the exception of Super Street Fighter IV, all the fighting games I've bought this gen I've done online. Games like Skullgirls, Virtua Fighter V Final Showdown, Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection to name but a few. It's just a better match, to have a fighting game ask for $15 or something instead of $60... or, in the case of VF5, $5 (it was on sale). This is where these games, rooted in arcade culture, seem to belong in this day and age.

  • Free you say?  Download it I will.