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New Details And Trailer Emerge For The Free To Play Tekken Revolution

After a brief teaser and the announcement of a June 11 launch date yesterday, more details have emerged for Tekken Revolution.

You can check out an expanded trailer for the game below, which featured what was shown yesterday, plus some added footage.

Initially, the game will feature eight "iconic" Tekken characters. There will be the option to take on AI in arcade matches, but considering the free to play nature of the game, the meat of the experience will be in the multiplayer. There will be new Special Arts and Critical Arts moves designed to help newcomers. You will also be able to level up your fighter for the first time increasing Strength, Endurance, and Vigor attributes for your character.

Tekken Revolution is coming exclusively to PlayStation 3 on June 11.

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  • So does anyone know if this will be a pay to win kind of game or will skill help........ Will we get all the characters at once or will we have to purchase or can you earn. I just don't know man. Either way I think I will download it.
  • Why is Iconic in quotation marks? The series has been around for nearly 20 years and it can't at least be considered iconic?
  • I saw this coming, sort of. Limited characters, but hopefully you can unlock them through finishing the game like in the good ol' days of video games. But with the ability to level characters, didn't see that one, though. Come on, Namco. Do us a solid and not make us pay for other characters. The gaming community would ADORE that.

  • Hahahahahha, wow.
  • Tekken. For Free. Win.

  • this is too good to be f2p, what's the catch? dlc costume parts? $5 for a character? like DOA5 f2p will do? O.o
  • I'm sorry but I've been a Tekken fan since I was 8yrs old and played Tekken 1, and I don't think that Lars, Lili, nor Asuka could be considered "iconic" characters. Those characters have existed for two-three games. Where the hell was Nina, or Yoshimitsu, or even Gon for Christ's sake...
  • Beyond bored with the typical fighting genre myself.
  • hello my xbox360 where? tekken revolution lol need wait gosh thank lot
  • finish ps3 trophies 100% good tekken revolution