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New Details And Trailer Emerge For The Free To Play Tekken Revolution

After a brief teaser and the announcement of a June 11 launch date yesterday, more details have emerged for Tekken Revolution.

You can check out an expanded trailer for the game below, which featured what was shown yesterday, plus some added footage.

Initially, the game will feature eight "iconic" Tekken characters. There will be the option to take on AI in arcade matches, but considering the free to play nature of the game, the meat of the experience will be in the multiplayer. There will be new Special Arts and Critical Arts moves designed to help newcomers. You will also be able to level up your fighter for the first time increasing Strength, Endurance, and Vigor attributes for your character.

Tekken Revolution is coming exclusively to PlayStation 3 on June 11.

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  • Totally unrelated to this article, but Is anything, absolutely anything good coming from this years E3? so far it's been worse then last years and that's saying something. I haven't seen a single "game" that made me excited, and come to think of it I haven't even seen that many games to begin with. Please tell me that the game industry isn't imploding like this years E3 would suggest?
  • I loved the opening credits for that trailer. Not so much the latter bit of it though.
  • Let's see how this turns out.
  • Still no word on trophy support?
  • Mod
    I am satisfied. Who's ready to get beat DOWN?!
  • I'm still confused, even with more information. Does the fact that there will be 8 "initial" characters mean that if they add more characters? Will those extra characters cost money? How are they doing microtransactions? Will we be able to get all 8 "initial" characters for free? Also, the fact that you can increase a characters skills worries me. This could potentially lead to the game being unbalanced and unfair. I'll download this game, since it's free, but I don't know if it's worth playing.
  • I didn't ask for it...
  • Tekken is my favorite fighting series.

  • I'm a little bummed cuz none of my mains are in(Bryan, Lee, And Feng Wei). But hey its free! Also why was Jack 6 in there? Will he be playable. The stage Moonlit Wilderness is in! so epic. Looking forward to this game.

  • I did not ask for anything Miss Video Game Character, please stop the wild accusations.
  • Actually, I didn't ask for it, but it was a pleasant surprise.

  • as long as King is in the 8 i won't have to spend a dime.

  • Nice, can't wait to download that on my birthday! And hopefully Bob gets added with the other characters!

  • There's a tingling sensation in my pants right now.
  • It's been a long time, but I'm up for some Tekken:)

  • My guess is that Tekken is planning on adding new features, but would like to test some out with the audience before adding them to the series permanently. Tekken has been kind of stagnant since 5, and they want to add some new elements to keep their huge core audience satisfied while growing their fanbase. This is more of an experiment than a gift...

  • I'll download this. I just took Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection Online off my PS3 (in favor of Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, which was on sale for $4.99 last week). Wanna see what new features they play around with and how this is structured as a Free-to-Play game... Tekken is famous (infamous?) for thousands of cosmetic items. Not hard to imagine attaching some microtransactions to those.

    Really waiting for Ridge Racer Driftopia though.

  • I never expected Tekken to go free to play. I think it's weird and doesn't really fit the type of game. I think the free to play works better on an MMO. Well. I'll just have to see. :)
  • That picture is hilarious.
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