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Tekken 6: Simply Amazing or Disapointing?

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  • So, what do you think of the latest installment to the long, yet successful series?

  • Yes! but I do not like the campaign wish for cam control. Love have Tekkens a pick up playgame allway fun And I have been playing tekken form 2. this tekken 6 is 10!  

  • I thought that the campaign/story mode was alright. Note this was my first time playing Tekken since Tekken 2 Tag Team/Tekken 3. The Story mode at first was a 'WTH' type of thing, but once you get used to the controls, the camera angles are not that bad and the story mode gives you something else besides regular arcade fighting. The only disappointment I got from T6 was the Online play. In rank match the lag was horrendous to no end. Player match was okay quality. Hopefully Namco will release that patch sooner to fix their net code so I won't drop combos online as much as I do now.

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  • The game is good but the online game is just terrible.  There are a lot of lags that you make you stress out because the number of time that you try to input you command and it will not do what you want.  This prevent you from performing your combo or juggles during the match.  Again, I agreed with you ^^ , they need to release a patch asap or the game is going to collect dust....

  • would'nt know can't play it so wont debate it


  • Tekken 6 is another great addition to the Tekken franchise. It has a consistent storyline and it has high replay value. In my opinion, Tekken 6 is a better fighting game than Street Fighter IV and MKvsDC. The campaign is mode isn't as good as I thought it would be, but it is far from terrible. The graphics are amazing, an instant upgrade from Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection for the PS3. Compared to the Fighters that came out on these next-gen systems, Tekken 6 is by far the most complete fighter there is. Now, that I got all the accolades for Tekken 6 out the way, this is my only but most needed attention gripe that I have for it: LOADING. Loading is so *** long in this game. Without the long loading time and the under par scenario mode, this would be a perfect fighting game.

  • I love the tight controls. I think the last minigame they had in Tekken 5 is way better than this one, and that's saying alot, given how crummy the control scheme and plot was in the last. Aside, I think Tekken will always be a solid, if not sensational fighting game series. I've played every single one, and have not been disappointed.

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  • I would have to say i never been a die hard tekken fan, but i just played six yesterday and wow the graphic are rich the controls are very responsive and game play is off the wall..with story mode is like streets of rage...one thing that they could have done better is with the damaging surroundings it looks to blah...they should have adapted the braking of walls,glass, floors...from Dead or Alive which seems more realistic. but other than that the game is well done..

  • it seems they've finally given hworang some punching combos!  he used to be all kicks, and when you went to punch, you got your arse handed to you!  I like the speed of the game too.  Audio is about the same as 5, and the graphics aren't AMAZING, but it's tekken, so I'm not worried about it.  I love the bone sounds though.  It's always satisfying to break martial law's neck.

  • Huge disappointment. The only good thing about this game is the offline mode. But even that runs its course pretty quickly. Online is in a constant state of lag, while Scenario Campaign is too broken and gameplay is a drag. I wish I hadn't wasted my money on this flop.  

  • Tekken is still more or less the tekken I love to this day!However, I didn't like how they cut away from the traditional way to unlock characters by substituting it with a cheap ass beat em up and side story learning about this new character Lars. (I anticipating him taking Jins place as a good guy cuz lets face it, Jin is officially the new Heihachi.) It was just too cheap and I was forced to stick with christie's breakdance move through most of the game instead of using my favorite character. (Marshall Law) and real skill (No I don't mean spamming the backflip move.) Speaking of cheap whats up with tekken's bosses all of the sudden? Its like trying fighting the Hulk theres no balance with tekkens bosses from the last two installments. Winning is 50% luck and 50% skill, TEKKEN needs to fix these final boss concepts there just too cheap.(Im mainly lookin at you Azazel!)

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