At first glance Smash-Up has a lot in common with the original Turtles comic book – it’s goofy enough to be laughable, yet it’s charismatic. Both clearly ape other properties (X-Men and Daredevil for the comic, Smash Bros. for the game), and both have production values so low they look like they were created in someone’s garage. For an independent comic published in the early ‘80s this is understandable, but for a video game based on a 25-year-old multi-million dollar franchise you have to wonder why the menu system looks like it was made using MS Paint.

Comparisons to Smash Bros. are inevitable – even the title references Nintendo’s brawler. Hoping to please its fans, this team of ex-Smash Bros. developers sticks to the formula of wicked-fast four-player action, two-button controls, and crazy level design. Smash

Unfortunately, you can only squeeze so much variety out of a two-button control scheme, and the movements are so floaty you feel like you’re controlling a bunch of teenage mutant feathers. Power pickups – which allow you to throw ninja stars or electrify your enemies – range from useful to unfairly useful (surrounding yourself with a mini tornado can turn the tide fairly quickly). The roster starts out thin, but you can eventually unlock 16 playable characters, including Ubisoft’s famously demented Rabbids.

If the Smash Bros. formula has worn thin for you, the Smash-Up experience will feel as sturdy as a wet paper towel. On the other hand, Smash Bros. and TMNT fans should embrace this game’s dodge-happy action.