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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

Mikey Takes The Spotlight In New Ninja Turtles Trailer

If you're a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan, chances are you've got a favorite turtle. Aside from their personalities, they each have their own individual weapons and combat styles. Activision is bringing the beat 'em up Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows this summer, and the publisher is releasing a series of trailers that highlight each of the four heroes. We start with Michelangelo.

The clip doesn't spend any time on Mikey's laid-back personality, so you'll have to imagine he's saying cowabunga booyakasha as he smacks through members of the Foot Clan. Some of the highlights include a slick disarm move and a twirling handstand where Mikey wields his nunchuks with his feet. 

Look for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows on Xbox Live Arcade, PC, and the PlayStation Network this summer.

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  • The Red Fly folks were working across the hall from me in my office suite for the past few months, then they moved about a block away. Their conversations were always entertaining to hear, especially late at night during their breaks when they would play as many Harlem Shake videos as they could stand back to back.

    I never got a chance to see what they were working on, but I found out just a short while ago that it was this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game. Hope their efforts pay off, since they seemed to be putting in a lot of time.

  • These turtles just look creepy when in a still picture, but aren't so bad when in action. The game itself doesn't look terrible, but it's not showing me anything special. It's just a teaser, though. I enjoyed at least one of the TMNT brawlers before, so maybe I'll give it a shot whenever it releases.
  • I'd rather they ditch this weird Popeye-arm looking turtle and use the comics for reference. I don't think there was anything wrong with them looking more human and ripped than this abomination. For me, the rap/hip-hop theme is not doing it for me, either.

    The action looks great, though. I''d also like to see more nunchaku action from Mikey, though there is understandably a lot of hand-to-hand combat when using them.
  • turtles in a half shell, TURTLE POWER!!!

  • This actually looks really good and I'm glad they chose to use their own art style instead of taking the new cartoons. Can't wait.
  • It seems I was prepared for Turtles news today since I'm wearing my TMNT pajama bottoms, boxer briefs and t-shirt.
  • On the half shell, they're the heroes four And if they're in range, who could ask for more? The crime wave is high with mugging mysterious And all the police and detectives are furious Cause they can't find the source of this lethally evil force This is serious, get me a quarter! I was a witness get me a reporter! Call April O'Neill in on this case Hey, ya better hurry up there's no time to waste We need help like quick on the double Take pity on this city, man is in trouble We need heroes like the Lone Ranger Came pronto, with Tonto, when there was danger They didn't say they'd be there in half an hour Couse they displayed TURTLE POWER.
  • Man, I really hope this turns out at least decent. Ninja Turtles were my thing when I was young.
  • I really don't like the look of these new Turtles. They look more like Metro 2033 mutants rather than the lovable cartoons. I think it's the weird limbs.
  • wow this looks really badass, i can't wait to kick ninjas in the balls

  • Looks ok.

  • Mikey, way to wield those nunchuks!

  • Is the game more than arena battle?

  • Looks pretty slick...definitely optimistic.

  • This looks epic, I cant wait!

  • I like their design in the new TV series better.

  • Yay! A game that looks and plays like this, but you don't play as a boring everyman or a manly superhero... Hell yeah, I'm in!

  • Staff
    booyakasha is a failure. STOP RUINING MY CHILDHOOD!
  • Mod

    Not sure what it is...but he looks a little creepy up close...maybe they've captured "Turtle-power" and are using it to make games!? :o

  • Nice. I'm really digging Mikey's focus on Capoira, stylish hand to hand, and cheap tricks. I really hope the hip hop/rap music is a reference to his personality they plan to give him, too.

    Hope the other turtles' combat style is as cool/varied as Mikey's.

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