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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

Activision Aims To Harness Turtle Power In A New Downloadable Game

Gamers of a certain age are undoubtedly familiar with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The heroes in half-shells were impossible to avoid, dominating toy shelves, movie theaters, clothing racks, and even pies and other baked goods in the early 1990s. Now Nickelodeon is bringing the foursome back in a big way via new shows, toys, and other merchandise, and Activision is aiding in the resurgence.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows is an all-new downloadable game set for a summer release. We got an early look at the game, and it seems as though it offers something for new fans as well as old-schoolers.

It’s tough to look at the game without drawing comparisons to the classic arcade brawlers based on the license. The presentation is updated – a rotating camera replaces the strict 2D vantage points of yesterday – but the combat looks like a logical extension of those past releases. That doesn’t mean it’s a quarter-sucking button-masher, however. In our demo, we saw some of the game’s combos in action, as well as how teamwork makes its way to the game.

After looking at past Turtles games, developer Red Fly felt they didn’t take full advantage of the character roster. They were either single-player affairs, or players were locked into a specific character once they made their decision. With Out of the Shadows, the entire team is getting its due. Activision isn’t talking about other characters, but they would say that some old friends – and foes – appear in the game. Whether that means they’ll be cheering or booing in the background or as part of the action remains to be seen. 

Players can now swap between each of the turtles with a press of the d-pad. Activision says each turtle plays differently, so a beefier character like Raphael methodically demolishes foes with his sais, as opposed to the smaller (and faster) nunchuk-wielding Michelangelo, who does so with an acrobatic flourish. The combo system allows players to extend the amount of damage they deal to enemies by swapping characters in the middle of their barrages. We saw a team move in action, too, where two of the turtles bashed their shells together – smashing a Foot Soldier in the process.

We only got to see one environment – a dank sewer – but Activision promises more variety for the finished game. Levels are more than cosmetically different, too. The turtles can swing on poles and other interactive elements during their mission to clean the streets of the Foot. 

Activision has a multiyear contract with Viacom, which means we may be seeing more of the quartet in the future. In the meantime, turtle fans – both new and old – could have a reason to emerge from their shells with Out of the Shadows.

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  • Is it just me or does Raphael look really dumb?
  • I really don't like the look of the turtles in this. Hopefully, the gameplay is good, but I don't understand why they didn't just use something more like the art style in the new show.
  • So creepy looking. Nose holes? What?
  • I'm sorry but that's creepy as sh*t.
  • This all sounded great until I saw the pictures. Why did they make their beaks so flat? They look like they're halfway between Oddworld and alien attempts at growing humans.
  • I get that they look more like turtles with this new design, but I think I like when they looked more like frogs.
  • I'm always down for a TMNT game, but the turtle's designs are bizarre and flat out terrifying. Leo looks like one of the goombas from the Mario movie.

  • i see this game as a dumb movie tie-in game with the dumb film by dumb old micheal bay.  this will be a turd-d'oh.

  • I could take the text of this article and replace ACTIVISION with UBISOFT. Then replace the pictures with the TMNT game based off the CG movie. This game and that one sound excruciatingly similar.
  • Only a downloadable game, huh? Surprised that even Activision didn't go all the way with a TMNT game. Looks nice, but it probably won't be very long or deep. Eh, maybe worth a few bucks I guess.
  • They need to fix those faces before doing anything else.
  • Agreed. That is creepy, the quarter sucker machines were the best anyways, ubisoft couldn't even get it right in their remake (reshelled). I guess we'll see how this one turns out, I love TMNT!

  • Looking pretty sweet. I'm liking how they're harnessing the realistic 'arkham' look.

  • The faces look like someone took a smiley face and did a realistic rendition of it. Just weird.

  • It looks cool, but I can't get over how the turtle's look.

  • sweeeeet as an old school fan ill keep my eyes on this

  • These turtles look so, so wrong.

  • Like the Turtles in Time remake, I'm afraid this game is going to lack soul. I hope I'm wrong though - I'd love for it to be a great game. Also, as dark as people think the original comics were, they were still a lot of fun & the turtles had a lot of personality.
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