This game is DAMN GOOD for $15! I'm a bit confused and upset by the review score given to this game by GI. The combat in this game takes a page from the Batman Arkham series and it is very fun and it has some depth to it. There is the comedy you would expect from TMNT and the Turtles personslities are spot on plus the music is awesome in the game. The only thing that kind of bugs me besides the occasional glitch is Raphs voice.  It doesn't really sound like Raph but you get used to it.  All in all its a good fun nostalgic game for $15. If you are a true fan of Turtle Power do yourself a favor and check it out. I can't wait for the sequel on Next Gen I mean they are signed on for 3 turtle games from Activision and it'll be F'N Awesome! COWABUNGA!!!!